Bertie B 10:49 01 May 2003


I am totally new to networking! I have a new PC [with a network card] running Windows XP Home Edition and I would like to network it to my old PC [which does not have a network card] running Windows 98SE which sits about 5 feet away. Ideally I would like to share files back and fore and be able to share an internet connection [I connect via the new PC using a BT Voyager ADSL usb modem]

Can anyone offer any advise on the best means of connecing the two PC's, please?


  recap 11:36 01 May 2003

Basically you should install a network card in the older PC and buy a crossover cable to connect the two.

click here for a step by step guide. Select your option from the "how do i" window.

  Bertie B 11:47 01 May 2003

Thanks for the info - sounds fairly straight forward! However, having just checked my new PC I see under Device Manager\Network Adapters that it has a 1394 Net Adapter. Is that OK for the task?

As I have said - I am totally ignorant of anything to do with networking. Hopefully this will change!!

Thanks for you help - much apreciated.

  Mr Scone 12:05 01 May 2003

That is a firewire port

  recap 12:41 01 May 2003

1394 is like Mr Scone says a firewire port. You will need two network cards to set up your network.

If you have any problems once these are installed or installing them post back on this thread.

  Bertie B 13:06 01 May 2003

Thanks fo help! Will give it a go!

  wee eddie 21:02 01 May 2003

Crossover cable and network card from PC World for about £20.00. You will need to know the length of cable required,#.

Check the specification of you new PC to see if it already has a network card.

The network port looks liken a slightly larger version of your modem's connection port and mine has a stamped logo above the port, of a single desktop PC connected to 2 similar desktops below it

  Liza 18:48 04 May 2003

I have networked 2 computers Pentium III450mhz and Pentium 4/2.2gigmhz with ME and XP operating systems by cross over cable and share files but not drives and games. What do I do to get these done please. Thanks


  Murray 19:04 04 May 2003

you can get a 5m crossover cable and network card from for £12.91 inc delivery and vat.

Quicklinx: 18LVWS & 29VGWS

hopefully this will help

let us know how u get on

  howard60 07:27 05 May 2003

go to my computer and right click on items you wish to share - set them to sharing.

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