Networking Links for Everyone

  spuds 16:26 11 Feb 2005

Now that PCA have provided a Network Forum, perhaps you have a good link which could be an ideal starting point for learning and reference use for others to share.

Here is a couple to start the ball rolling click here click here

  easyrider 18:32 11 Feb 2005
  spuds 20:18 11 Feb 2005

Keep them coming.

  Portly 20:21 11 Feb 2005

This might save a few hours of frustration click here

  easyrider 20:53 11 Feb 2005

Thanks have added to my favourites

  wallbash 20:59 11 Feb 2005

Why the green tick ?

Is it permissable to post details of another forum on this forum ???
Well i will take the liberty
Any problems with NTL and networking try
click here

  Terry Brown 21:00 11 Feb 2005

Hi, I have two computers connected via a router and RJ$% cables. Good internet/ File sharing .a Printer (Parallell) works perfect, however the Usb printer shows on the network,but it will not connect. Tried printer on, self test to generate MAC address, print test page, tried send to print from office program, send to file (prn), drag to shared. all no good. HELP

  easyrider 21:30 11 Feb 2005

I do not see a problem there has been a few people asking about Ntl and networking.

  Chezdez 13:03 12 Feb 2005

heres one for all occassions click here

hehe, this links will save so much time!

  spuds 10:04 13 Feb 2005

Wallbash-- The thread is open for all to contribute. I have green ticked the thread, so that my personal ISP email box doesn't keep getting response reminders.

Terry Brown-- I would suggest that you use a separate thread for your problem, then it would be available for others to give a direct reply.Using this thread, will most likely get very few results.

Keep those links coming folks. The more the merrier.

  spuds 11:54 17 Feb 2005

Another one click here

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