networking kits?

  alt 10:23 22 Apr 2003

Hi, I want to network two computers, one on windows 98SE and one on XP home./ I am on a broadband connection using a ADSL modem with freeserve. I am going yo PC world this afternoone to get the kit, can you advise me if this is the correct kit to buy click here

Yes, that is all you need although a tad on the expensive side I would say. For example:

2 x Network Cards = £19.86 Incl VAT

click here

30 Meters RJ45 Cable = £12.51 incl Vat

click here

You dont need anything else!

If you are looking to spend that sort of money, then you couyld always consider Wireless:

2 x PCI Wireless Network Cards (Do the same jon without cable) = £75.32
click here

  alt 10:58 22 Apr 2003

Thanks alt and smiffy....Smiffy is that all I would need then, 2 wireless cards and absolutly nothing else. And do you know if they work efficiently, that is as efficienly as using cable, because I don't know much about fixing things if it goes wrong. Thanks

  snoresloudly 11:25 22 Apr 2003

this is the one i used,
click here

hope this helps

  alt 11:32 22 Apr 2003

Thank you everybody....

Cable is faster if you are transferring files between the two PC's. Wireless is just as fast for your broadband connection whichever method you use (to all intents and purposes).

Wireless has the advantage of not having to run cables through the house, but speed may decrease due to thickness of walls and distence covered etc.

Lots of large file sna ddata transfer then cable is the one to go for.

Check you email for some odds and ends that I have lying around!

  alt 11:39 22 Apr 2003

thanks smiffy..........

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