Networking and ICS problems

  User-86A77FD2-C005-4359-8AC8F5E5300F97D7 16:22 25 Aug 2004

I have two problems on separate PCs:

The first is a laptop running XP Pro which will not "talk" to my Netgear DG834 router. I have run the network set-up wizard numerous times (using a hard-wired ethernet connection or a wireless connection) and it seems to run hapily to completion, but I still do not get a connection.

The second is a desktop running XP Home which connects happily to the router using the wizard, but when the machine is turned off the settings all seem to be lost and the wizard has to be rerun. In addition the wizard never finishes, but has to be shut-down using Task Manager.

  Meshuga 18:50 25 Aug 2004

Hi Paul,I cant give you an answer to your problem of losing settings when turned off but am posting to tell you that I have the same setup as you,XP Home and netgear dg834 and mine has started doing the same thing so I will be keeping an eye out for a possible cure. Regards, Meshuga.

  johnsims 18:57 25 Aug 2004

Take a look at the netgear site click here and see if there is a firmware upgrade.

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