networking help please

  kadu07 15:34 15 Jan 2007

im having a bit of a problem creating a newtork in my house. i have a speedtouch 576 (thanks for the help on that) and 1 pc which is connected by etehrnt and a laptop which is connected by wireless. the internet connection is being shared but i dont know how to make them access each others files and the printer etc. any help would be appreciated.

  STREETWORK 15:44 15 Jan 2007

For Printer Sharing

1. Open Control Panel and then Printers and Faxes, right click the installed printer and select properties. Select the sharing tab and then place a dot in the box for sharing this printer.

2. On the Laptop again go into control panel, Printers and Faxes. Select to Add New Printer. Follow the wizard to install the 'networks' printer'. windows will install the driver for you.

For Files

1. Select the folder you want to share, right click it and select sharing tab and again place a dot in the box to share this folder

All done

PS. It is advisable to create a new folder in My Documents and call it Shared Files or similar, then you know where to store files for sharing...

  kadu07 16:22 15 Jan 2007

i tried what you said but when i went on the laptop to find my printer i couldnt find it. also i cannot see any of the the shared folders on it. i have not created any workgroups or anything yet. is this the problem? if so any help on how to create one because when i go to create wireless home network it comes with a new SSId i dont want that since im already using one with my router.

  Ashrich 19:22 15 Jan 2007

Don't run the Wireless network wizard , run the plain Network wizard , that will allow you to create a network group , and turn on file and print sharing , do this on both computers .


  kadu07 22:06 15 Jan 2007

did what you said and was able to see the latop on the workgroup when i was on the pc but when i went to click workgroup on the laptop i got an error saying mshome is not accesable you mghit not have eprmission to use this resource. the list of serves for this workgroup is unavailable. does that mean that there is something wrong with the laptop or pc. btw i am admin on the latop.

  Ashrich 23:56 15 Jan 2007

Try disabling all firewalls , and make sure they are both in the Mshome group , it usually is the firewall that stops things ....just out of curiosity , open Windows Explorer , click on My Network Places so it opens on the right hand pane , in the listing " network location " where is the laptop situated , local network or internet ?

  Ashrich 00:00 16 Jan 2007

Are you admin on the PC as well ? , have you set certain files for sharing in Windows Explorer ( right click on a file or folder and select " sharing and security " ).


  kadu07 16:25 16 Jan 2007

i am admin on both the pc and laptop. i have set some folders to be shared. i am still getting the same error as before about not admin and list of server unavailble. when i went on the windows explorer i had to go to entire network then workgroup then mshome to see the laptop. it didnt say anything about local network or internet. if it helps the laptop has admin user then the gues but then again so does the pc. i have tried a restart too (quite obvious but still). could the problem be my pc or laptop?

  STREETWORK 17:43 16 Jan 2007

Rename the work group to 'Main Home PC' or similar then try to access it again.

On the main PC go into My Computer and see if the networked drive is there. If so, right click it and see if it is connected...

Post back

  kadu07 20:18 16 Jan 2007

when i go to the worgroup i click on the laptop and properties but it says its not connected even though i can see it in the workgroup.

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