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  User-498DB432-30A7-4FC5-B65F3A4738DB7CB4 19:39 26 Feb 2003

it took me several days to get networking sorted out & i`ve had no problems sharing files, drives & internet connection.

but today i found i could not access anything from either computer so i uninstalled everything & started from scratch.

i got everything up & running again, even an internet connection.........but as soon as i installed sygate firewall, i lost everything again.

i have uninstalled sygate & basically everything is working again

  Legolas 20:02 26 Feb 2003

Sorry hipster_uk this is not an answer although I will be interested in any replies you might get as I have the same problem, my network works ok until I enable zonealarm firewall and then I cannot access anything so any help you get could help me as well hope you don,t mind me hi-jacking your post.

thanks for telling me that, I was about to download & try Zone Alarm.

So obviously that wo`n work, I thought it may have been a problem with the Sygate program

  The PC Doctor 20:07 26 Feb 2003

How have you set up your local network ?

Router/hub or direct cable?

i`ve set it up direct...pc to pc,

the firewall is installed on the main computer

  ricvic 20:25 26 Feb 2003

With Zonealarm I needed to to set up a local network as a 'trusted zone'
Its under Firewall (side tab) - Zones (top tab) - Add - IP address.
Otherwise Zonealarm assumes that everything on a network outside the PC is hostile and blocks it.
The IP addresses to insert is to (I think). This is the range assigned to local network PCs.
I have no experience of Sygate, but it could be something similar.

  wint 20:25 26 Feb 2003

In Zone Alarm (I have Zone Alarm Plus, the paid for version so not sure if it differs to the free one in this respect) click on the "Firewall" tab on the left side, choose "Zone" (as opposed to "Main") click "add" and key in the name of the other PC you are using, it's IP address (i.e. and add it to the trusted zone.
If you have Zone Alarm on both PC's do the same on t'other one, choosing it's partner's details, although I am told that you only need a firewall on the internet gateway PC.

  The PC Doctor 20:27 26 Feb 2003


If you are using ZoneAlarm as I am then you need to go to your settings and set bothe Internet and local zones to medium. If your Internet Zone is set to High then ZoneAlarm won't allow a networked PC to connect.


sygate firewall I know nothing about but would suggest it's a similar problem.

Once you have your main PC connecting to the Internet no problems then browse a site - any site and leave the Main PC displaying it (Connected to the Internet) Then go to your remore PC and try to connect to the internet using the browser. Try a site you know you haven't been to before to test this out.

Your settings for the remote PC should be to connect via the Local Network.

I am presuming you both have Windows ICS enabled on the Main PC.

  The PC Doctor 20:35 26 Feb 2003

In addition I would suggest ZoneAlarm on both PC's - I used to use a thin Co-Ax network cable and ICS. Whenever one of the remote PC's connected to the Internet I knew nothing about it. I certainly didn't get any Zonealarm activity therefore I would suggest that ZoneAlarm only protects the PC it's on!

As for adding your PC's TCP/IP Addresses in the trusted zone - this will only work if you want to share files/folders between PC on the same network.

thank you all, i installed zone alarm & everything seems fine @ the moment

  The PC Doctor 20:47 26 Feb 2003

hipster_uk Nice to hear of it, great when you get success.

What about you Legolas, I know it's not your thread but would like to hear how you get on.

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