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  sheila.weston 14:24 05 Jan 2009

I have a laptop pc linked to my desktop with a Dynamod R-ADSL-C4-2 networking device. Is it possible to set BOTH machines to read and send emails? At the moment I can only send and receive emails from the desktop.

  iscanut 14:28 05 Jan 2009

Do you mean read/send mail from the laptop via your desktop, or set up the laptop to read/send independant of the desktop ?

  sheila.weston 17:17 05 Jan 2009

I think that I mean 'independant of the desktop'. What I would really like is for my husband to have his own email on the laptop, but NOT to download mine there. We only have one email address at the moment (with tiscali), so it would obviously mean to set up a second address.

  iscanut 17:34 05 Jan 2009

You will need to create a second email address for your husband and then set this up on the laptop.

  sheila.weston 22:27 05 Jan 2009

Yes, I realise that I have to set up a second email address on the laptop, but at the moment one cannot read *any* emails on the laptop, even using *my* address. Are you saying that if I set up my email address on Outlook Express, then my emails would be visible from the lap-top?

If so - if I set up a second email on the laptop for my husband, it sounds as if just *his* messages (in and out) would get through to the laptop. I don't want to spend ages setting up this second address with tiscali, if I haven't understood! Actually, I was wondering if I needed a different type of router or something = rather a question of being easy when you know how, and not knowing what question to ask.

Presumably I would set up the second email address online at tiscali.

  sheila.weston 22:30 05 Jan 2009

To clarify - I just set up the second email address only on the laptop by going to tiscali etc. Many thanks, I think I understand now.

  iscanut 10:11 06 Jan 2009

Set up your own current email address on your laptop via accounts on Outlook Express, then get Tiscali to allot a new email address for your husband then set this new one up on both machines. You do not need to change the router at all

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