networking effects

  rsinbad 17:47 18 Feb 2006

I am one of 10 that receives a 2m wireless internet from our landlord.At first this was great, but
Just recently i have noticed that the internet at times is running slow.

My question is what happens when all are connected at the same time, and if more join the network will this slow down even further?

  Strawballs 18:39 18 Feb 2006

If this is from a single router then yes as it shares the bandwidth between the different useres

  ade.h 18:42 18 Feb 2006

I guess that some local contention is inevitable with that many people sharing a connection. Add to that the (up to) 50:1 contention that the ADSL line is subject to, and it's no surprise to find slowdowns at peak times. With any kind of connection, there is a ceiling on the available bandwidth.

  rsinbad 19:51 18 Feb 2006

Yes it is through a main wireless router witch is then fed to an ouside antenna. isp is pipex 50 to 1 contention. Thing is paying 30/mnth for 2mg connection.

As things are at the moment i am not getting value for money.

think maybe time for a change

  ade.h 20:02 18 Feb 2006

£30 per month; surely that cost is shred between all ten of you. You are in some kind of student house, I assume? As there is in all likelyhood only one phone line, there isn't any opportunity to have your service. Your best chance is to talk to BT and your landlord, ascertain whether 8Mbits is available at you exchange, and if it is, ask if the ISP can be changed. F2S offers 8Mbits for £20 p/m and it's not the only one, I'm sure. The 4x speed increase would go along way to alleviate the effects of contention.

  ade.h 20:03 18 Feb 2006

Shred = shared!

  rsinbad 21:27 18 Feb 2006

Thanks for your comments, No i'm not a student I live at a leisure park where there are caravans and boats. Originally i was the first to go on the wireless network and was told that the more people that joined the price would come down, however after several hints that has not happened.

guess he has a monopoly since no one (exept me) has a bt line.

Need to workout the best way of wired or wireless setup that would suit a boat situation.

Any guy's out there that have setup broadband on a boat ?

  Minkey1 09:37 19 Feb 2006

Wasn't there a (successful) guy pitching this idea on Dragon's Den last year ? Anyway, is this the kind of thing click here

Alternatively, if you've got a BT line, can you not just go for your own ADSL service ? If the 10 of you are paying £30 each your land/sea lord is making a handsome profit and your contention is more like 500:1 !


  keewaa 10:49 19 Feb 2006

<<< guess he has a monopoly since no one (exept me) has a bt line. >>>

Yes as Minkey1 says, if you have a BT line can't you just get your own adsl?

  rsinbad 13:48 19 Feb 2006

Yes thats the sort of thing he is operating as i said if he had reduced the cost i would stay there.

Been thinking about Plusnet 20/mnth unlimited.What would i need to setup a system on a boat> and what equipment would i need.

Since i have no upstairs or downstairs lol would i be better to have a wired system to pc and laptop.

Also if i buy a router /modem with the capabillities of wirless for when i float out (to pick up hot spots) which would be best


  Minkey1 14:34 19 Feb 2006


Assuming your BT comes in on some sort of cable from the quayside, any of the big name modem/routers from the likes of Netgear/Belkin/Linksys etc should be OK ? Personally I have a BT 2100 and am delighted with it - my ISP is BT so set up was easy. You may get suitable kit from Plusnet ?

Most will give you wired or wireless facilities and you can use a combination e.g. my desktop sits by the router, so connects via ethernet cable, and the laptops via wireless. Ethernet is more secure and faster for large file transfers, but surfing/printing is fine on either. With wireless of course you could sit "on deck" !

If you sail off, a wireless router gives you the facility for linking to hotspots (I'd bet they'll be some sort of directory somewhere listing marinas with facilities) if your PC's have wireless adapters or built in facilities.

Just curious though, what happens to your BT connection if you go off for a jaunt ?! Can it be locked away or secured somehow ?


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