Networking and DVD Rom sharing

  Mr. K 22:30 26 Mar 2003

My network setup is running fine and i can see all the shared folders and drives, including DVD Rom on every PC on the network.
Does anyone know what i have to do to make my shared DVD Rom play dvd video on the client PC.
Host PC Win2k, client PC Win98.
Please help.

  eccomputers 23:09 26 Mar 2003

that's an interesting question and it has intrigued me :)

On the windows 98 machine I presume you have some kind of dvd software installed. Well, here is the sequence of events that I would try...

1. share the dvd drive across the network.
2. map the network drive on other machines with
a drive letter.
3. Install dvd software and point it to the
letter you assigned to the drive.

Please let us know if this works
If you dont have any dvd software, checkout the microsoft site for the latest version of media player as Im sure this supports dvd. On my XP machine I have licensed and installed XPack which runs dvd like a dream in media player

  Mr. K 22:04 27 Mar 2003

Thanks very much for your response, eccomputers.
I have dvd player software, i will try your logic and i will surely let you know the outcome.
I want you to please explain more to me, how to poitn the mapped drive letter to dvd player software, thanks

  fitshase 22:33 27 Mar 2003


I too have been intrigued at this scenario. I have tried without success to access a DVD on another computer over the network. All of the DVD software (including Media Player on XP) classes a DVD drive as a drive physically connected to that computer. I have a DVD drive and a separate CD-RW drive in the XP machine and a combined DVD/CD drive in the 98 laptop. I cannot get one computer to run the film and watch it on another.

I'll keep my eye on this post in case anyone manages to do it and then I can give it another shot.



(p.s. Media Player and PowerDVD software on XP desktop and InterVideo WinDVD on 98 laptop)

  eccomputers 22:52 27 Mar 2003

ok, today I visited a client of mine with 12 computers on a network. One machine has a dvd drive and I upgraded media player on a 98 machine. In the now playing list I could capture the dvd and watch it.
To map a drive in 98, go through network neighbourhood and find the drive and right click on it. Now select map network drive and give it a letter, such as M for movies :)

  fitshase 23:15 27 Mar 2003

Been searching on the web and the only thing I came across was something called VideoLAN:-

click here

I've had a quick play around with it but cannot get it to work. The documentation is a bit technical and is biased towards Linux.

Have a go at it and let me know if you succeed!



  fitshase 23:44 27 Mar 2003

How did you do that? I have updated Media Player on my 98 machine and I still cannot get it working. I have looked in the Now Playing screen and cannot see anywhere to import a mapped drive.

Also, I have tried it on my XP machine with Media Player 9 and it only lets you select the drives which are on that machine.



  Mr. K 07:43 28 Mar 2003

I have tried the VideoLAN as well nothing happened, i wonder if it works for anyone.
I have tried eccomputer's trick myself be4 and i was not successful, but i will try again this week-end and i will let you know the result. Keep trying too man, i'm sure we will be successful one day.


Mr K

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