Networking different Windows Operative Systems

  Revi 13:29 14 Mar 2004

I have 2 peer to peer PCs interconnected by a router network. I am now planning to install a 3rd PC on this network. The existing PCs have W2K & W98SE respectively as operative systems. The 3rd PC has XP/Pro. Is there any particular thing I must pay attention to while networking all 3 m/cs. Some say that XP & other windows operative systems don’t get along well together. If so should I drop XP and let the 3rd m/c have W2K?Will appreciate any knowledge on this matter.

  JerryJay 13:47 14 Mar 2004

Does not matter which OS you use. What others say only true for Server/Client kind of company set up. I think the best way to link multiple PCs is to use a router, a router with build modem even better if you want to share internet connection.

By the way, you got router already then your network is not peer to peer.

  Revi 14:14 14 Mar 2004

Thanks for your clarification. Yes my network does use a router, what I did not know was that in that case it is not called perr to peer any longer. Sorry for the mistake.

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