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  Dorkins 18:23 12 Jun 2007

I have a computer running Mandriva Spring which i have configured a NETGEAR "DG834G" to get online. My other computer is running Windows Vista Basic. Could someone tell me how i can network them and share my Tiscali Broadband 2GB package. Thanks all

  PalaeoBill 22:21 12 Jun 2007

They can share the broadband by just plugging the Vista machine into the router as well (or connecting to it wireless). The router will not case what OS is being run.

File sharing is a little trickier, this might help:
click here

  Strawballs 22:23 12 Jun 2007

If you have the Mandriva machine running on a netgear wireless router then all you should need is a wireless adapter for your other machine to get up and running, but I am not sure about networking between Vista and Linux as all of my machines run XP

  Dorkins 07:28 13 Jun 2007

Thanks for the help and advice folks. I'll look into your suggestions. Bye!

  scouser 14:11 13 Jun 2007

I have three PC's and a laptop. The laptop runs Windows Vista Premium. Two of the PC's run Windows XP and the old one runs Windows ME. They are all connected to the internet via an ADSL router and Ethernet cables, and this works fine. No problems.
The ones running Windows XP and Vista all 'see' each other, but the ME does not see Vista. (They all have the correct network name: MSHOME.) How can I overcome this?
Also for years I was able to get into each computers files and run the printer remotely, that is attached to the ME computer.
However I am now suddenly being asked for a password. A box appears with space for the user name and password. I have never set a password and if there is one how can I found out what it is? I have ones for the computers on start up but none of these work to get into the other computers. Another message I get is when trying to set up another remote printer I get the message on the other computer saying 'You do not have enough privliges to carry out this action.' What does this mean? I am the only person in the house and all the computers were set up normally for me to use.
Can anyone help me sort his mess out?
Many thanks.

  PalaeoBill 16:36 13 Jun 2007

You should really have posted your request under its own thread as Dorkins will get mailed each time a response is posted to this (his) thread.


This is the best step by step set of instructions I have ever seen for resolving this type of problem.
click here

Good Luck

  Hucky 18:09 20 Jun 2007

hi ..i have a router from my pc to another pc and i want to share my music folder..can u tell me how please!! ta

  Hucky 18:20 20 Jun 2007

sorry...yea just realized....Doh!

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