networking with cable broadband

  happymonkey 19:30 26 Feb 2003

Hi All. I have successfully networked two computers (desktop + laptop) with 2 wireless usb connectors. I think they call it an ad hoc network. I can view files and share folders, printers etc. I am unable however to access the internet on the laptop. My cable modem is connected to the desktop by USB. The desktop runs windows 98se, the laptop windows xp home. Do I need any extra equipment.

  1832bchs 23:28 26 Feb 2003

I have networked 2 machines, one XP and other 98SE,with wireless USB on cable broadband. You do not need any other equipment but makesure that XP firewall is "off" and if you have another firewall,disable it until you get a connection to net and then configure it to allow the network.I found it was trial and error. Good luck.

  Gman 00:43 27 Feb 2003

I have a setup the same as yours and I also had the same problems. I did get it working by manually entering Ip addresses etc because the wizards didn't work.
The easier solution is to install a network card in your PC and connect your cable modem that way using a cat5 network cable then running the network wizard on xp first then 98.
Not only will it work ok but you will free up a USB port on your PC.
A network card can be purchased for around £15

  happymonkey 18:45 27 Feb 2003

Thanks to 1832 and Gman for their responses.I have disabled the firewall on both machines and am able to share resources but am still unable to connect to the internet on the laptop. I have visited a Telewest users site and set up the network as they say by installing ICS on the desktop and configuring the adaptors but still no luck. Help!

  happymonkey 17:51 02 Mar 2003

Thank you to the respondants. Finally done it after 2 weeks of heartache. The problem was with ICS.

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