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  seagulls 11:34 11 May 2004

I want to set up a home network of 2 desktops and i laptop sharing a blueyonder cable internet connection. Can anyone tell me if I have to register the MAC address of the router and the laptop with blueyonder as you have to when you connect a new pc to their service. If so any ideas on how I can find the MAC address for my laptop?

I have tried 'Start, Run, cmd' followed by 'ipconfig/all' as advised by blueyonder but nothing is then listed. Does this mean that the laptop does not have a network card or am I just being more dense than usual?????

  VoG II 11:53 11 May 2004

You will need to either

(a) register the MAC address of the router or

(b) clone the already registered MAC address to the router.

The router manual should tell you how to find its MAC address and how to do the cloning.

Don't know wht ipconfig /all doesn't work.

  mdshamilton 12:21 11 May 2004

I use Blueyonder too. My USR Router presents the internet with one MAC address (that of the router). If you ring Telewest up it's fairly easy to register that MAC address with them.

All network cards have MAC addresses. One way to find the MAC address is to explore the router's setup software (mine is accessible via Internet Explorer and typing in a specific ip address such as click here). Usually in some "routing" or "access" tab in that software is a listing of all PCs and their MAC addresses that are currently connected to the router.

  seagulls 18:13 12 May 2004

Thanks guys - all installed ok, but having problems sharing files and printers! Have started another thread about this.

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