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  WSR 16:24 18 Feb 2007

I have an elderly laptop running XP Home and am about to buy a new desktop, presumably running Vista Home Premium. I want to wireless network the two together, but the laptop would only be used for surfing and printing, and perhaps the minimum of file sharing.

Am I right in assuming that the only hardware items I need are a Broadband Modem/Router for the desktop and a Wireless Notebook Adapter (PCMCIA) for the laptop?

Are there any compatibility issues between XP and Vista?

Also, with the firewall provided by the Modem/Router, do I need any further security? - there was an article on the Guardian IT page last week that compared the AV vendors to the mafia!
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  Strawballs 17:20 18 Feb 2007

click here This will answer most of your questions.

If you don't mind leaving your desktop on you can wireless connect without a router click here

You also can have a USB adapter for the laptop and some come with an extenstion wire which will allow you to get the antenna away from the electrical interference of the laptop itself which can be a problem with PCMCIA cards. click here

  Aargh 17:22 18 Feb 2007

You are right - all you need is an adapter card and router/modem - the choice is huge.

XP will work with Vista

I would always reccomend AV/Firewall software - you can pay, or download software for free.

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