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  pete-290318 16:11 08 Feb 2003

I have my main Pc connected to the internet via an ntl broadband USB external modem. On this pc I have Norton system works 2003 and Norton Personal firewall 2003. Two other pcs are connected through a LAN switch and can access the internet through my main pc. I wondered whether the antivirus software on my main pc will cover the other two or will I have to have both antivirus and firewall installed on both Pcs.
Anyone come across this problem? Any feedback or views will be welcome

  DieSse 16:17 08 Feb 2003

You need protection in each PC - especially AV protection.

  recap 16:21 08 Feb 2003

As long a the main PC has an Anti-Virus program running pete77 the others will be covered, as the Internet is coming through from your main PC.

Think of it this way, at my Works we are connected through a server (say your main PC) and there is Anti-Virus and Firewall for the Internet on the server. We do not really need a firewall on each PC as the server cover this. Anti-Virus is on all PC's mainly for users who insert CD's and Floppy discs.

  pete-290318 17:32 08 Feb 2003

thanks guys .

  jazzypop 17:47 08 Feb 2003

Sorry to have to disagree with recap, but he is comparing very different setups.

At work, he clearly has a client/server setup, where all the data is held on a central server, and an external firewall monitors all information that crosses the border between the internal company LAN and the rest of the Web.

In that case, the firewall can authorise or block data flowing in (or out), and the AV can sit on the server examining all the data that is written or read to and from the server.

You are describing a peer-to-peer home network, where each PC has equal rights to access the Web, to download or upload data, etc.

In that case, the PC that is connected to NTL merely acts as a transparent gateway to the web. It does not inspect each packet of data for viruses, worms, trojans etc - it merely works out which PC asked for each data packet, and doesn't care what the packet contains.

The firewall on the host PC is only interested in data that is addressed to or from the main PC, and the AV software is only interested in programs that will write to the memory or hard drive of the main PC.

Please, follow DieSse's sound advice

  pete-290318 18:52 08 Feb 2003

Thankyou ...when you ay it like that it sounds so obvious.. thanks for the info.

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