Networking - again!

  Stuart Leyland 16:49 29 Jun 2004

Greetings everyone.

I'm back again and I'm still trying to add a laptop into my existing network. My current network is set up as follows. The USB broadband modem is connected to my computer which is then connected (by a cable) to my sister's computer. I thought it would be easy to simply buy a USB adapater for my computer and a PCMCIA wireless card for the laptop and they would connect as my sister's and my computer do. However that is apparently not the case due so I am now looking at a different situation.

I have found the following product (click here) and I believe it would do the job. As far as I can tell, all I would do is plug my sister's computer and my computer into the router and ensure that the laptop is also able to connect to it. This would allow for files to be shared across the network and also to allow the internet to be accessed on any of the computers.

Can anyone confirm whether this would work or not?

I have also just ran the Belkin Networking Wizard (click here) which has told me that I need a seperate network switch and wireless access point. I believe that this is unnecessary with the product that I mentioned above.

Can anyone tell me if this is the case or would I be fine with the above product?

Thanks a lot to anyone who can help.

  woodbexhill 17:08 29 Jun 2004

My Setup involves a USB Modem on one of my other computers which connects to a hub, this computer also connects to a hub, and my Laptop has a Wireless Network card linked to a Wireless Access Point which is also linked to the hub. Think of the wireless part as just running a wire that can go through walls between the access point and the network card.

This is certainly one quite easy way of doing it, however, it might not be particularly cost effective as from what I can tell it would appear you are using a cross over cable, am I right?

  Stuart Leyland 18:01 29 Jun 2004

Yes, I'm using a cross over cable to connect my computer to my sister's at the minute.

Actually, that's just made me realise that I would need another length of cable to connect my sister's computer to the hub (assuming the above product would work how I want it to).

Thanks for that!

  mgmcc 19:39 29 Jun 2004

If you are going to use a router then, either you use it in conjunction with a modem that can connect by ethernet, NOT USB, or you get a router which incorporates an ADSL modem. You cannot connect a USB modem to a router and it is the router, not an individual PC, that connects directly with the ISP.

The alternative, as already suggested, is to continue to use the USB modem connected to one PC with "Internet Connection Sharing" enabled and use a network hub/switch to connect the 'client' PCs (or connect them 'wirelessly').

  Stuart Leyland 20:42 29 Jun 2004

If I understand your reply, my network would look something like this:

USB Modem -> My Computer -> Hub mentioned above -> My sister's computer and Laptop.

Is that how it would work? Would the product mentioned in the first post do the job required?

  dougle540 20:50 29 Jun 2004

Make your life easy, buy the router. Then you will have your internet running through your network, and any computer you add to the network will have the access all via the gateway (router)

  Ivor_Monkey 20:53 29 Jun 2004

A router is what you need. It gives you max flexibility.

  dougle540 20:57 29 Jun 2004

Just to add... if you have a network already set up, just buy a normal router to add to it. And if you feel you still want to go wireless, get the addition hub, then you grt the best of two worlds.

  dougle540 20:57 29 Jun 2004

Just to add... if you have a network already set up, just buy a normal router to add to it. And if you feel you still want to go wireless, get the addition hub, then you grt the best of two worlds.

  johnsims 21:00 29 Jun 2004

A router also has a hardware firewall built in. Most important!

Best set up

Combined Ethernet Modem/router/wireless access point -- all computers.

OR (my preferred way as I like to separate modem and router/WAP)

EthernetModem -- router/wireless access point -- all computers. All connections other than adsl phone line in are straight through cat5 cables with rj45 connectors

  Stuart Leyland 21:00 29 Jun 2004

Unfortunately, a router is some way out of my price range. I have no problem with my computer having to be on for other computers to access the internet - that's how it has been for the past year and a half. All the routers that I have looked at are over £70 and being just 16, I do not have that amount of money, hence why I am looking for a cheaper alternative. If anyone can find anything cheaper than this then I'd be very greatful to hear from you.


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