Networking 98se and XP

  woodchip 21:15 12 Aug 2006

Why cannot I see the files on my XP computer is it because they are on a NTFS system while the Win98se is Fat32. It say's when I try to connect in Explorer under MSHOME That I have not got permission to access the files. I am the only one using the computers.

  woodchip 21:16 12 Aug 2006

It works the other way round OK, I can get at the files from XP on my 98se comp

  Strawballs 21:56 12 Aug 2006

Have you run the network wizard and created the floppy that it gives you the option to do and then run it on the 98se machine.

PS have you had any luck with running the I386 from the hard drive.

  woodchip 22:05 12 Aug 2006

Yes I did use the Wizard and No I have not tried the i386 as yet as I have got my comp back working OK with 98se other than I cannot load Norton Utilities suit as it knocks my AV out

  Strawballs 22:09 12 Aug 2006

I don,t think it has anything to do with NTFS because my first network had a mix of XP and 98se. No problem file sharing,I assume that you have set up files for sharing.

  woodchip 22:13 12 Aug 2006

Yep tried that, but it's not having any of it

  Strawballs 22:18 12 Aug 2006

Have you checked firewalls to see if there are any blocked trafic when you try accessing these files and then set them to allow access.

  woodchip 22:20 12 Aug 2006

No Firewall only the Router one and I have three comps connected to it two Hard wired by Ethernet and Laptop Wireless

  Strawballs 22:25 12 Aug 2006

Sorry can't think of anything else at the moment sure someone else will jump in.

  mgmcc 08:25 13 Aug 2006

If you are using XP Pro, have a look at this article relating to the need to be logged into the "client" PC with a Username/Password that matches an Account set up in XP Pro. click here

Also, check out this Microsoft Article click here The need to have NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled is more relevant when networking 98SE with XP than when networking only XP PCs.

  woodchip 17:25 13 Aug 2006

No I use XP Home, Yes looked at that NetBIOS is grayed out in my Win98se comp

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