chisholm 17:23 24 Apr 2007

I have an Aspire 7000 notebook and a desktop computer both with windows vista. I live in the country in Spain and therefore have to rely on a digital track phone for my internet connection which both computers use. The tel line is connected to the desktop by lan and I have used a lan switch to connect the laptop and desktop so both can use the internet. I now want to be able to connect both computers to one printers and also share files. How can I do this as of course both computers only have one lan connection and they are in use

  howard64 19:09 24 Apr 2007

assuming your printer uses a usb connection you will just have to plug the printer in to the usb socket on each machine when you need it. It may be possible to do this using a usb hub but I am not sure if it would work.

  FreeCell 19:32 24 Apr 2007

I am on XP not Vista but sounds like all you need to do is rum the Network Setup Wizard so your two computers can share files and printers. (The one attached to the printer physically would have to be on when you want to print from the other)

My assumption in the above is that the lan switch connects both PCs into a physical network already.

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