networking ?

  the pie eater 11:29 10 Oct 2006

working with xphome om pc and laptop both see each other and the pc will read the laptop files no problem but when i log on to the lap top it will not let me read any files on the pc states see admin as permission is not alowed ?

  Aargh 15:07 10 Oct 2006

Have you run the network setup wizard on both computers? Follow it through to ensure all your folders are shared and in network places.

  the pie eater 17:31 10 Oct 2006

yes done all of it but i will not let me into the pc files as i say i will only work one way ?

  Danoh 18:13 10 Oct 2006

Check your software firewall settings.

turn off the firewall on the lap top temporary to seee if thats the problem

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