Networking 2 PC's to ntl broadband

  THE MONG 07:18 24 Mar 2003

I have an ntl broadband on my windows2000 master PC and I wish my 2nd PC (also windows2000) to connect to it aswell.
I have a Surecom 32 bit 10/100m pci ethernet card in both pcu's with a eternet lead connecting the 2.
Can you let me know how I configure the 2nd PC to connect this way? It is still setup for a 56k normal dial-up connection using my telephone line at this time. My PC is working fine with my 1mb bb connection.
Any guidance here would be very gratefully accepted. Thanks

  billyliv 09:33 24 Mar 2003

Hi, I have three PCs connected to NTL broadband. After weeks of trial and error I bought a 'D Link' ethernet broadband Router, connected the three machines with Cat 5 straight through cables to the router. No configuration required, the machines picked up the internet connection immediately. Now sharing printers is another thing , I still haven't got my head around that yet but I am working on it. Cheers, Bill

  slimbo51 09:38 24 Mar 2003

I use a prog called AnalogX for what u want to do.

The prog is a free d/load on the net.

Its a proxy server method.

The instructions supplied in the prog are first class.

I can connect 2 comps together in minutes using this method.

Make sure u follow the instr to the letter.

Good Luck.

  jon mose 10:13 24 Mar 2003

try this
in control panel-internet options select the connections tab select the option to never dial a connection close everything then launch ie6
this will only work if your network is set up ok
and pc1 is already connected to the net
all the best

  vinnyT 10:57 24 Mar 2003

Internet connection sharing site click here

Sharing a cable modem on NTL broadband click here

Hope this helps.

  BlueMeanie 13:02 25 Mar 2003


Like billyliv, I bought a (Cheap £45) router that has four 10/100 switches. Plugged it in, used cat5 cables it worked out of-the-box-with no configuration required. Can now share NTL broadband with no noticeable loss of speed, and access my NTL e-mails via any connected PC.

  weejobbie 13:14 25 Mar 2003

I have been advised by my office IT guru that it is always better to use a router to do the sharing rather than connecting the PC togethers. The router will also function as a switch/hub and have less trouble in operations.

For me, I have yet to find time to arrange for NTL to come in to install the broadband for me (sigh)...

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