networking 2 pc's

  User-9A301A1F-01D2-4B94-A9F1461E8F998ED4 11:45 09 Dec 2004

What is the best way to network 2 pc's to share an internet connection at the fastest speed possible? I've browsed through component sites but there are so many networking components on offer that im at a loss.

I use Telewest Blueyonder cable and have 2 pc's an old P3 with Win98 and a new AMD64 with XPHome. The older pc has been getting no use recently and i would like to make it available to other members of my family. I like to play games however and so don't want to lose too much speed when someone else is browsing, downloading or gaming. So which is the most efficent way with the least amount of speed loss?

Should i go wireless or wired?
Do i need a router or can i simply connect 2 pc's via a cable?
Which brands and components should i use for best performance?

  johnnyrocker 11:52 09 Dec 2004

click here and click here


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:07 09 Dec 2004

will 2nd PC be in same room?

Fastest = cable
most convenient =wireless

In seperate romms for time being although that may change at some point. If using wires makes the connection faster, i will either get a 15 metre cable or a very short cable and drill a hole in the wall. Pc's are about a metre apart but a wall in the way which makes them about 12-15 metres apart going round it.

  hillybilly 12:44 09 Dec 2004

You want a router, because that will allow either pc to be on the net without interferring with the other. Wireless is slower then a wired router and more expensive to buy,but is more convienent with no wires. Personally I cannot see that the speed of wireless or wired is that important because your slowest part of the system will still be your cable b/b connection! The only time you have to consider the speed of wired an wireless is between your two PC's and from what you say I get the impression your not transferring much between them, hence the need for speed between the two is not neccassry.

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