goody2shoes 01:43 03 Sep 2004


Ive just set up a network useing Linksys WAG54G modem router.

its a modem and router in one, i connected it to the phone bb phone line and connected my pc and laptop to it via the blue cable ( ethernet cable i think ? )
my internet works perfectly on my laptop and pc.

BUT, i cant access any files from one pc to another.(both are xp and i ran the network wizard on both )

when i go to "My Network Places" and workgroup, i see the MSHOME workgroup.

i click it then after 1 min of thinking it says"MSHOME is not might not have permission to this network resource......blah blah......The list of servers is not for this workgroupe is not currently availible"

does anyone know what this problem is

Many thanks


  Forum Editor 07:05 03 Sep 2004

might be that you haven't enabled any shared resources on the two computers. You need to right-click on a folder and select 'sharing and security' to do this.

Presumably you have given both computers the same workgroup name - MSHOME - and different computer names?

Software firewalls can sometimes interfere with network connections - try disabling them on both machines and see what happens. If your network is OK you can then configure the firewall settings to allow the connection.

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