Network/Firewall Problem

  Dan Electro 19:17 02 Sep 2005

I am new to networking so this may be a silly question. I have two machines networked and the only way to get them to see each other is to turn Norton Firewall off on both machines. I have configured the Firewall’s so the addresses of both computers and adapters are noted, I have also turned off the ‘block windows print and file sharing’ option. Still will only see each other when Firewalls are turned off, there is obviously something I’ve missed. By the way once the network is up I can turn the Firewall’s back on with no side effects.

  recap 20:26 02 Sep 2005

If you are using Windows XP turn the firewall off in there also.

  Dan Electro 21:09 02 Sep 2005

Thank you but I should have mentioned that I have done that on both machines.

  Taran 23:10 02 Sep 2005

Set up a trusted zone in Norton Firewall and add all computers to it.

Don't just disable Windows Firewall, stop the Windows Firewall Service from running as well (disabling the firewall does not stop the service from running). Set the Windows Firewall srvice to disabled.

A problem I have seen before is with Norton Firewall's port permissions.

Check (and open if necessary) TCP Ports: 139 and 445 and UDP Ports 137 and 138

That should allow general network traffic to go through and for your dcomputers to actually be able to 'see' one another without switching the firewall off.

Just is one of several reasons why I detest Norton Firewall and several similar products...

Good luck with it.

  Dan Electro 15:43 03 Sep 2005

I already have an active trusted zone with all the computers on my network listed. I have disabled the windows firewall service. But I don't know how to turn the ports on.

  Taran 03:28 06 Sep 2005

To save me typing loads of waffle, and if you can stand to wait for the page to load, try this link:

click here

It details how to configure Norton Internet Security firewall in a variety of ways, with screen grab images to help you along.

Have a crack at it and see where you get.

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