Network won't work insanity here at last

  Jocat 22:05 17 Aug 2005

Hi There,

I have two pcs networked today by Netwrok cards and a crossover cable.

Main pc is Win Xp this tells me that the LAN connection is working as the little icons on the screen flash. When I go to view the network places it tells me that I cannot access 2nd pc as I dont have permission,

2nd pc is Win ME this shows no icons at all and it wont even let me look to see if the other pc shows up on the network.

I did all the home network setup properly with a floppy etc. I have run the Network Diagnostics on the Win ME pc and it says that the Network Adapters are UNREACHABLE.

Any help gratefully received as the kids are driving me nuts using my Pc to access the internet and I want it back.

MAny thanks in advance


  scotty 12:57 18 Aug 2005

To check if hardware is working and connected, use the PING command. Find out the IP address for each computer then open a command prompt window and type the command PING (replace the numbers with the IP address of the computer you are trying to reach). Repeat on each computer. You should receive a message saying reply from If not, there is a problem with the connection.

Other points:

You need ICS enabled on one of the computers.

Disable firewalls while checking network connections. Once they are working then enable firewalls again.

You need at least one directory shared for a computer to be visable on the network.

  Jocat 13:52 18 Aug 2005

Hi Scotty,

Many thanks for your advice, it now seems to work, it seems that it doesnet like Zonealarm firewall, I have disabled it for now, but do you think it is because when it was installed it was only because I stated that 1 pc is attached, if not do u have any suggestions about security.

Many thanks


  scotty 15:06 18 Aug 2005

If you now have it working it is just a matter of configuring ZoneAlarm. There is an option to add IP addresses or range of addresses to your trusted zone. This shopuld be all that is needed. Sorry but I am not at a pc with ZA at the moment so cannot give more precise instructions.

  Jocat 11:13 19 Aug 2005

Thanks again Scotty you are a real treasure.
I have put the IP address into the Trusted Zone in zonealarm it I can now access the files on both pcs but when Zonealarm is on I can only connect to the internet via the main pc as soon as I shtdown zonealarm I can access the interent from both. Any suggesstions or should I just put up with it.

Many thanks


  scotty 13:48 19 Aug 2005

Just remembered a limitation of the free version of ZoneAlarm. It does not work properly with ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) which you are using to access the internet through another pc. The simple solution is to reduce the ZA security setting from high to medium. This should still be an adequate level of security.

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