Network woes

  racoonboy 22:00 22 Nov 2004

Hi All,

Hope someone can help. I have a desktop PC running Windows XP Pro with SP2, and a laptop running XP Home. The desktop has a dialup connection with AOL as the ISP. The laptop has a Broadcom 54g 802.11g wireless card built in.

I would like to achieve two things:
1) Set up a home wireless network so that the two computers can share files and my printer.
2) Allow the laptop to access the web through the dialup connection on the desktop.

I have purchased a DLink AirPlus 520+ wireless PCI card for the desktop. However, despite repeatedly trying to set up some kind of network, letting Windows configure settings, trying to set them myself etc. I am having no joy. Even though the PCI card is installed ok, my desktop tray has a little monitor with a cross on it which has the popup message "Wireless network connection not connected. Right click here for more details".

I've heard some bad things recently about DLink cards and XP compatibility, and am starting to wonder if I've bought a real turkey. Can anyone advise a kind of 'step by step' process, or point me in the right direction?

  alan227 23:04 22 Nov 2004

Take a look at this site.
click here

  fly2hi 00:50 23 Nov 2004

I had problems myself trying to network the pc's with aol. Was only when I set up the router that everything worked ok. Couldn't do it with Internet connection Sharing. Not to say it isn't possible, just gave up in the end.

  racoonboy 08:52 23 Nov 2004

Yeah, I've heard as well that networking with AOL is nightmarish because of their proprietary network settings.

Surely it should be possible to set up a peer to peer wireless network between the desktop and notebook without needing a router though? Can't you do something similar to a wired LAN using the notebooks inbuilt card and the desktop PCI Card?

  Strawballs 10:57 23 Nov 2004

I may be wrong but as it is a dial up connection it will have to be a peer to peer connection with the desk top as a gateway as it has the modem.

  PUNKA 14:36 23 Nov 2004

Is router suitable for job, as I know that AOL have compatability problems with some routers,also does the router have backward compatability with both B and G standards.

  racoonboy 20:46 23 Nov 2004

I think you're right - but even getting a peer to peer network set up seems fiendishly difficult using the D-Link PCI Card. I think I'll try my luck with a syslink.

  Strawballs 01:54 24 Nov 2004

You could try looking at this to connect the 2 and still have the desk top as gateway with modem but the gateway will have to be on all the time the laptop is here

  woodt 11:04 24 Nov 2004

I dont use AOL so can't acces this


Its on this page from AOL

click here

  PsiFox 11:50 24 Nov 2004

Without a router you need to ensure the wirless network cards are setr to Ad Hoc mode.

Also ensure the workgroups are the same. By default XP home is MSHOME XP Pro is WORKGROUP. You need to change 1.


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