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  splott1 20:53 26 Nov 2005

i am using a laptop with windows xp home, connected to the internet using the belkin adsl modem with wireless G router and i also have a pc with windows xp office connected to the same modem so they are both sharing the internet, what i want to do is share a printer which is connected to the pc. The printer on the pc is selected to share so its ready. I have set up a network between the the 2 computers so they have the same work name, From the pc i can see the laptop when i go into view work groups but it says its unaccesable, And when i go into view work groups on the laptop i cant see the pc and it tells me that the pc is not allowing permission any help on this matter would be great as this is my 5th night trying to sort it out aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh help please and as basic as possible

  reclaimjack 22:18 26 Nov 2005

controll panell add printer when you go though the set up search for a network printer which will be the same name as your computer with the printer on it... have you allowed windows fire wall to do all this

  splott1 11:15 27 Nov 2005

cheers for that but i`ve tried adding a printer on my laptop but it cannot find the printer thats there and i also cannot share files. Some information on the fire wall would be good

  mgmcc 13:05 27 Nov 2005

1) Connect the printer to the “client” PC, as though it were to be used with that computer, and install it. This ensures that it has all the necessary software/drivers on board.

2) Reconnect it to the "host" PC and, in its Properties, set it as "shared". In the client’s "My Network Places" (or Network Neighborhood), the printer should then appear as a shared resource of the "host" PC along with any shared folders. Double clicking the printer in the remote PC should automatically install it as a "network printer" in the “client”. This means that the “client” now has the same printer installed twice – once as a “local” printer and again as a “network” printer (with a bar under the icon to indicate a network device). If you are always going to print via the network, you may want to set the "network printer" as the default.

Otherwise, have a look at this Microsoft article. It is an old article written for Windows 95, but the basic principle for installing the network printer should still be valid.

h t t p : / /;en-us;141839

  mgmcc 13:13 27 Nov 2005

<<< Some information on the fire wall would be good >>>

What firewall software are you using? It is normally necessary to allow access to networked computers by enterring their IP addresses in the firewall's "trusted" area.

If you are using Zone Alarm, go to the Firewall tab on the left, then the Zones tab at the top. Click the "Add" button and select "Subnet". Enter the addresses:

IP -

Subnet mask -

Description - {LAN?} you can use any description, but it needs an entry.

  splott1 16:02 27 Nov 2005

on the lap top i have norton andwindows fire wall and on the pc i have zone alarm and windows fire wall

  mgmcc 16:46 27 Nov 2005

As you have third-party firewalls installed, disable the Windows firewall which is an inferior product anyway.

  splott1 19:04 27 Nov 2005

after disabling the windows fire wall on both computers should it then work

  mgmcc 19:24 27 Nov 2005

After disabling the Windows firewall, you still need to configure the other firewalls to allow network traffic through.

  splott1 19:50 27 Nov 2005

cheers for your help how do you configure the orther fire walls.

  splott1 21:25 27 Nov 2005

Cheers mgmcc thanks for all your help it seems to be working for now thanks again.

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