Network Upto 30 Laptops/PC together???

  Madpad_001 15:29 22 Feb 2007


I need to create a small wired network (Up to 30 PC/Laptops) but I have very little idea of how to go about this so some help will be welcome.

I can do a network though a router but that is only up to 4 PC's which is a bit short of the 30 I need.

Can I do I wireless network??? wounld this be more cost effective, or is it better to buy a mini sever and create a wired network?? If this is the case what sort of cost will I be looking at to build the network.

I will not need internet on my network but will have 1 printer connected to one of the PC's.

Any help on this will be of great help many thanks madpad. 19:14 22 Feb 2007

You could create a network quite easily, either wired or wireless. You could also eaisly have a printer and Internet.
This could also be quite low in cost.
click here To see about setting it all up. I think it should help you, Altough if not just google "setting up networks" or simular

I hope this is of some use to you. 19:25 22 Feb 2007

Sorry, I just realised that the website I linked to on the above post was not quite what I thought it was. Instead click here

Also I just had another thought. If you have Windows XP you can go to Start > Help and Support > and search for "networking" then on the left hand side, under Overviews, Articles and Tutorials click opn Walkthrough: Home Networking.

This will take you to a detailed guide and should tell you all you need to know.

  Madpad_001 04:34 23 Feb 2007

Thanks very helpfull.

Looking into some switchs I have noticed that most come with 24 ports. Can you connect two switchs together(as this is cheaper then paying for a 48 port switch) to increase the number of ports or do I need to spend the extra money on buying a larger switch?? 18:25 23 Feb 2007

Well, Funnily enough, I have just had to set up a netowrk with a few swithes myself. The way i did it was to get two switches which where linked to my workstations, and then these switches were connected to another which then went onto a router.

I don't know if I have explained this well enough, so click here

In your case you could have a 24 port and a 8 port switch, (This makes your 30) and then going back to a small 5 port (or smaller.)

As I am typing this, I'm just thinking I don't actually see why you could'nt just link the switches together, so, I will ask a contact if mine who knows more about this stuff than I do, and get back to you.

Again, I hope this has been of some you to you.

  nick2308 22:28 23 Feb 2007


I've set up many networks before, using wired and wireless, also both combined. I could give you more advice, if I had more details i.e. What is your network for, will you be sharing files, will you have one person to administer the network. How secure do you want your network. Are you using the same operating system on all of your machines.

Regards 08:18 24 Feb 2007

Hi again. Sorry about the last post.

Right to clarify things about the switch.
Fisrtly forget everything I told you in my last post.
Seccondly Yes you can connect them together. But with one little hitch.
Basicially you either need to connect them via crossover cable, or from whats called an uplink port. If you do the latter, On the opposite end to the cable the other port needs to be a standard port (In other words not an uplink port)

click here It explains all.

  Madpad_001 15:48 25 Feb 2007


Sorry for delay in replying but have been away from PC.

I need to set-up the network to be able to run some simulation software in a classroom. (I will be teaching students how the software works)

Each PC/Laptop will have XP on it (not sure if it will be Home or Pro) All of the PC/Laptops will be in a classroom and will need to be Wired. Non of the PC's will be on Line so security will only need to stop the students looking into the Instuctors PC.

I have been told I will need to Have One PC to act as a Sever(Instructors) and the rest as work stations(Students) If this is the case what is basic spec for a Sever Type PC??

I* hope this makes sence to you If not please get
back to me and Will try to explain some more

Thanks for your web-sites they are very helpfull.

Cheers Madpad

  nick2308 18:05 25 Feb 2007


Yeah that's an easy set up. I agree with the server setup, easier to control the classroom/students. You can get 24 port switches for as little as GBP 60 upwards.

If you wish e-mail me, so we can discuss it more.


  recap 11:48 26 Feb 2007

"Each PC/Laptop will have XP on it (not sure if it will be Home or Pro)" If you intend to have this network running on a Domain? You would need to have all clients on XP Pro not XP Home. click here for Microsofts take on the subject. I have seen networks that have more than 30 computers on a workgroup, it is more work to set up but can be done.

  Madpad_001 13:55 28 Feb 2007

Thanks for all your help will get to you all if any further questions come up

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