Network Tweaking

  dublincity 07:37 27 Aug 2006

For several months (over a period of 2 years!) I've been trying to set up a home network on 2 PC's using a crossover cable. Both PC's are on XP Pro.

I managed to get both PC's connected to the internet at the same time - and easily able to access it - without using any firewalls. After advice on this site, I configured Zone Alarm (IP & subnet addresses, medium security) on both PC's in order to use them with the network. That finally worked.

But the problem is that the client PC, whilst connected to the internet (I can confirm that becaue AVG, AdAware & Spybot will all connect and d/l updates) will not allow me to connect either IE or OE.

They give me a choice of either 'staying offline' or 'dialling up' via the Direct Connection that I've set up. That fails - no dial-up is needed since I know that the PC is online anyway. There seems to be dozens of parameters involved in this arrangement & I suspect that I've got something wrong here rather than with ZA.

Prior to using the ZA firewalls, OE 'detected proxy settings' automatically.

Any advice will be welcome. Many thanks. Cheers, Mike.

  dublincity 08:06 27 Aug 2006

I've overcome the problem by shutting down ZA firewall on the client PC. It seems to me that since this PC connects to the internet via the firewalled host PC, then I shouldn't need both firewalls. However, I've often read that firewalls on both PC's are desirable (if not necessary?). Has anybody any comments? Thanks.

I next need to configure the file & printer sharing facilities. When setting up the network, I followed the advice of the wizard to leave those unil later. Advice will be welcomed. Thanks Again. Mike.

  STREETWORK 08:12 27 Aug 2006

In the advanced settings of the properties for the network connection of the second PC check the following:

Place a tick against the following-


Try this and report back.

  dublincity 09:11 27 Aug 2006


I'm not sure where to look?

In 'Network Connections' there are 5 icons:-

(1) Direct Connection - disconnected
(2) Direct Connection - connecting
(3) Cable Connection - disconnected
(4) Internet Gateway - connected
(5) LAN - connected

I've looked where I can but haven't yet come across the items you mention. Cheers.

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