Network Trouble

  kane_2002k 23:09 09 Apr 2003

Hi all

having recently set up a small home network to share broadband, i have run into a problem. One of the two Pc's in the network is much slower, e.g. downloading a file on pc one i get 60+ KB/sec on PC two i consistly get around 7 KB/sec.
The network consists of belkin 4 port Cable/DSL gateway router model number F505230-4 (which cable broadband modem is connected to).
First PC connected to router via 3com NIC using 7 feet of fast cat5e belkin cable, running windows xp.
Second PC, the one which is slow, connected to router via belkin USB adapter (model number F5D5050) with 50 feet of fast cat5e belkin cable, running windows me.

Any help welcome, urgent problem so any suggestions willl be helpful.

PS. could it be due to the cable being 50 feet?

  DieSse 23:19 09 Apr 2003

50 ft is no problem for a LAN. Can you not use a NIC in the second system - I'm always suspicious of adapters.

  fitshase 01:26 10 Apr 2003

Glad to see that things are working.

I would tend to agree with DieSse in regards to the USB adaptor. I would use a NIC in the other machine (if it hasn't got one you can pick one up for under £10).



  kane_2002k 01:28 10 Apr 2003

pretty much broke after shelling out for the cables router etc. So if i can get it to work with the USB adapter it woulld be great.

  kane_2002k 01:30 10 Apr 2003

thanks again mate for ur help before, Any of u think it could be due to a setup error in windows me, rather then a problem with the hardware?

  fitshase 01:39 10 Apr 2003

I don't know about the setup error in Windows ME as I have never used Windows ME.

Just out of interest, have you measured the speed on the "slow" computer with all of the other computers switched off?

I'm sure there is someone in the Forum who can answer the setting side of things in Windows ME.



  kane_2002k 18:17 10 Apr 2003

Removing all other pc's from the network results in no gain of bandwidth for the slow pc (infact it seems to slow it down). I have tried changing what port the pc is connected to on the the router in various combinations but nothing seems to change the fact that the 2nd pc is way slower then the first when downoading from the internet. Is this a hardware error or software error, as the 2nd slow PC seems to stay at a consist 7KB/sec i think a bottleneck is erroring somewhere. What would be the next steps to finding out what the problem is? Any help welcome as i only have 6 days left to return the router etc.. at PC world.

PS. the first PC is still working great on networking, downloading etc..., does this rule out a hardware error in the router???

  A15 19:26 10 Apr 2003

Does the router allow you to specify the bandwith to any given computer? I just thought that this could be the problem if the software setting for one or all of the ports other than your main computer were set to low bandwidth allowance.

  kane_2002k 19:32 10 Apr 2003

No i can't find anything in the manual or setup about bandwidth allowance A15. Gonna call up belkin tech support 2mrrw and see if they have any idea's, what could be happening.

  BBez 19:34 10 Apr 2003

do you have more USB devices connected to the slow machine? If so, unplug all of them, then reconnect them one at a time, inserting the USB NIC adapter last as it may be a USB Bandwidth issue due to a device hogging more bandwidth than the USB NIC is being allocated...

  kane_2002k 20:07 10 Apr 2003

there is a scanner connected to a USB port but it isn't plugged into a power socket and hasn't been ages. Does this rule out it being a problem with the bandwidth in regards to a USB bandwidth?

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