Network throttler

  joelmb 12:39 22 Mar 2004

Sorry if this is common knowledge or asked previously, but anyone know of a net connection throttling software? Sounds mad I know, but I need something to emulate viewing designed websites at lower connection speeds than my 600k connection......

  Taran 14:26 22 Mar 2004

Try this link to get you started: click here

It gives you loads of options and feedback for pretty much everything: browser compatability, accessibility, download time on all connection speeds, hyperlink verification and all kinds of other nice things get a thorough going over.

click here has software to use on your own system, at a significant cost, and it is really meant for professional use.

Try the Cool Tools link on this site click here for another readout at 56k.

The one I often use is WebSlower: click here

WebSlower is free, it tests your page[s] at all connection speeds and is pretty accurate in its results. I rather like it.

There are lots of other alternatives but the above should set you on the right track.

  Taran 14:33 22 Mar 2004

No, it's not 'common knowledge', nor has it been 'asked previously' to my knowledge, so well done for wanting to test at different speeds and for raising this for the attention of other forum users.

I should also have mentioned that depending on the web authoring software you are using you may have a feature already available that does what you want.

Most mainstream WYSIWYG editors will display the estimated page load speed at all common modem connection speeds. Dreamweaver and FrontPage both display the page load times in the bottom right corner of the editor window - in Dreamweavers case it also tells you the page size in k. FrontPage will display the page load time from a list of modem speeds if you click on that part of the program window.

Most other WYSIWYG editors also have this feature available although some of them keep it in a less obvious place.

Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone was wondering...

  joelmb 14:57 22 Mar 2004

Taran i'm using Dreamweaver user and yes, it does indeed show that data but I'm always suspicious about Macromedia's approximations, for example i have a flash component on my current page of only 10k yet it shows a web page size of 72k in dreamweaver! Its not accurate enough, thus me wanting this software.

The webslower software seems exactly what ineed, so thanks for that!

  tomleady 15:10 22 Mar 2004

on your DW, is it the .fla file that is 72k? it may the .swf that is only 10k, which is ok becuase it is only the .swf that is loaded.

  joelmb 15:14 22 Mar 2004

Erm, no. Nothing to do with the fla file as dreamweaver's not looking at that but the swf file, which is only 10k yet still reporting a toal page size of 72k.

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