Network Storage

  Matt45 12:28 19 Feb 2004

I want to build a computer that I can just leave on most of the time with all my files on and then access from any of the other computers in my house. I already have a wireless network set up. What I want to know is what is the minimum amount of components I can put into the computer - would a motherboard, processor, hard drive and lan card be enough?

If we take it that the motherboard has on-board graphics then you could conceivably get away with that, I'd be inclined to add a floppy drive and maybe a CD rom drive but it would be possible to do without. I'd also recommend you keep it set up with a KVM switch so that you could control it at any moment at the flick of a switch. (oh and it will need some memory)

  Matt45 13:00 19 Feb 2004

For the ram, would 256MB be enough? Its only going to have windows running.

As for the KVM switch, I was thinking that I could just remote desktop to it whenever I needed to using VNC.

  explicitlyrics100 17:04 19 Feb 2004

256 would probably do fine, im looking at doing the same - have 6 130gb drives in this pc and it gets v warm so might shove most of the drives and a couple of 200's in a pc in the garage or something. Im looking at windows xp probably even though 2000 is a better server platform...

256 will be enough if you are only serving files and there arent many PC's demanding service all at once but if you intend to use the system as an application server then you will probably want more in order to keep the speed up

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