network speeds

  gob14 22:15 13 Jun 2004

having finally managed to network my two home computers could someone please tell me if trnsfering 700mb of data should take 10mins or have i still not got this set up right.i am using two pci network cards 10/100 and a cross over cable all want too do is use the second pc as one large harddive

  PSF 22:27 13 Jun 2004

It should not take 10 minutes, I transfer large files over my two pc's via a router and it takes approximately 20 seconds to transfer 200Mb. In theory it should be about 1 minute to transfer 700Mb.

All of the hard drives on mine are ATA 100, with an older system that used to be connected it had a ATA 33 HD and file transfer then took forever to the slower pc.

  Grey Man 23:27 13 Jun 2004

it seems that your network is running at 10Mbps rather than 100Mbps

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