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  Inigo 00:06 06 Mar 2003

Hi all,
I have a wireless network between my laptop and my desktop computers, running at 11MB/s. This is then hooked into the uni network, and hence the internet, at 10MB/s via a network card in my desktop.

My question is; when copying files between my laptop and my desktop, it seems to take ages. i.e. a couple of hours for a 800MB file (yes, I know this's pretty large, but it took less time to download the thing from the internet!). Looking in the windows task manager, no more than 50% of the 11MB/s bandwidth is used at any one time - and most of the time it's going at 10% or so, or quite frequently in the 1% range... Any ideas on this?

Also, I keep getting messages that the wireless network is unavailable - this being when I've got my PCMCIA card in my laptop right next to the USB adaptor in my desktop...

Finally, the wireless network only works in the next room - anywhere else, and it's not working. The walls here are fairly thick, but even so you'd expect it to have a range greater than about 4 metres, right?

Perhaps I should have posted this in several posts, I seem to have a fair amount of questions... :)

Thanks in advance,
Mike Peel

  Forum Editor 00:46 06 Mar 2003

what you were downloading if it was an 800Mb file, but anyway..................

1. When you say the network only works in the next room do you mean in addition to the room the computers are in?

2. Which operating systems are the machines running?

3. Do you have a firewall on both machines, or on either of them?

4. Presumably your network is configured as an ad hoc wireless network, and not an infrastructure type?

5. Do you disconnect from the university network when transferring files?

6. Does the slowness apply both ways, i.e. laptop to PC and PC to laptop, or only in one direction?

  Inigo 08:30 06 Mar 2003

File size; just some DTP work I'm currently doing with a friend, zippped into a single file. The files tend to get fairly big... :(

1. computers are in this room. I sometimes take my laptop into the room next to this, and use the network in there. Go into the room after, and it simply won't work.

2. The desktop has Windows XP Pro, the laptop Windows XP Home.

3. No firewalls anywhere.

4. Yep, ad hoc, due to lack of wireless router / base station.

5. No, I stay connected to the uni network.

6. Slowness applies both ways.

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