network shares

  chippy+ 12:59 27 Nov 2008

hi i had trouble with my home network 4 pc's wired.
i went through the wizard in each pc to stop file and print sharing but when i go into windows explorer the 4 share names are still there under mshome how cani delete them thanks Chippy

  Rahere 13:01 27 Nov 2008

have you tried refreshing the explorer view?
Also reboot all the pcs this should sort it out.

  chippy+ 13:33 27 Nov 2008

hi Rahere tried refresh and turned oof all pc's rebooted when go into windows explorer and click on any of the shares that are there is a login box appears for that share ? thanks Chippy

  Rahere 14:27 27 Nov 2008

So your Shares are not accessible except by password and that's close to what you wanted I think.

It's a guess bu have you tried deleting the share icons?

  chippy+ 14:38 27 Nov 2008

hello again Rahere yes i have tried to delete them but no joy, none of my pc's have a password as there is only one name on each and the guest account is off so why is the shares looking for a password i have never had this before and how can i fx this i would like to set my network up again but the other shares may conflict thanks Chippy

  Rahere 14:44 27 Nov 2008

The password is probably your network password.

Perhaps you could just turn off the router and try deleting the shares on each computer before you reinstall the network

  chippy+ 15:05 27 Nov 2008

hi Rahere success all gone pulled the connection from the router put back all away well done what would we do without guys like yourself on pc advisor i have a wired/wireless modem i think i'll change them over now i am going to keep the 4 pc's wired and add another downstairs and plug it into my new tv my wife is going to buy me (ha ha i hope) thanks again Chippy

  Rahere 15:07 27 Nov 2008

Glad it worked out and good luck with the TV!

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