network security

  spud22 20:11 06 May 2007

when i looked up the client list on my router i found this. none 00-02-44-AA-F3-3C 00-12-5A-55-BE-44 lama-easbre56kz 00-40-F4-AB-75-56 OWNER-85BYO3Y8M 00-40-F4-AB-73-7B FAMILY 00-15-F2-61-28-B3
the first and last addresses are my computers , does this mean other machines are using my network.

  mocha 21:06 06 May 2007

Have you got WPA-PSK security enabled on your router/wireless computer, if not I would do that immediately.

  spud22 21:23 06 May 2007

trying to do that just now but one of the computers with a wireless card is rejecting it .It could just be th neighbour as we live in a terraced house but you never know.

  setecio 22:41 06 May 2007

Yea, and if your neighbour is surfing child pornography sites, whose door will the police knock on ?

Activate MAC filtering and get WPA working , or at least WEP until you get WPA sorted.

  spud22 23:03 06 May 2007

thx i'll do that

  LastChip 23:10 06 May 2007

If you're having problems with WEP or WPA-PSK, you could stop the DHCP server in the router and configure the router to accept only your two(?) computer addresses. Each address will have to be manually set on each machine. Tie in the MAC addresses to the fixed addresses, and whilst it's not bullet proof, it will at least keep you a little safer until you can get your security sorted out properly.

MAC addresses are not really an answer to security, but every little helps.

A little more about DHCP. The DHCP server was a method for large network administrators to be able to assign IP addresses automatically. You will appreciate, it's not practical to have an administrator running around all day long, manually setting addresses for (sometimes) thousands of computers. However, for a small home or business network, it's really not necessary to use it.

  spud22 23:57 06 May 2007

ive set the outer to accept only the mac addresses of my computers., and will try enabling wpa again tomorrow . wep is ok for now isn't it?

  irishrapter 01:52 07 May 2007

WEP is broken and MAC addresses are very easy to fake.

The only safe option is to use WPA or WPA2 with at least a 20 random character passphrase, but better if you use all 63 !
click here for a random 63 character password.


  Strawballs 13:26 07 May 2007

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