Network a second pc to the main pc in living room.

  natural*blonde 11:06 28 Oct 2007

Hi everyone i have a dell pc in my living room with XP Media Center on it which is used as our main pc and TV also the way we access the internet, allso i have a second dell pc (that has been replaced by the media center one).I have the old pc stored away could someone tell me is it possible to network them both together so that when the kids are using the media center downstairs could i access and share the media center pc to run excel/word and others and open saved documents through the old pc that is upstairs. We use the media center pc as our TV and music center and the time i want to do some work on the pc everyone wants to be watching a soap or listening to a music channel.
Could you please advise what type of cable i need (we are not wireless) to run behind a bookcase to upstairs approx 10-15ft?
What i would need to enable on the pc's.
Will i be able to get on the Internet from upstairs when the media center is in use?
And will working and accessing the net interfere with the progs anyone is watching on the media center.
Thanks for any advise.
I will be away for a few days but will reply when i return thanks.

  crosstrainer 11:46 28 Oct 2007

A Router / hub Crossover cabling
An ethernet connection in both pc's

To be honest, wireless is the better option.

  cream. 11:58 28 Oct 2007

1)If neither machines are using there lan sockets, then a cheap simple crossover cable will do the job.

2)use the network setup wizard in control panel.

3) yes but the main machine must be connected to the internet. they can minimise it to the taskbar.


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