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  Rhuddlan 08:21 25 Feb 2007

Morning all,

I have a Sinus W 500V router (this is a German router from T Com, as I currentley live between Hamburg and the UK), I have a LAN connected to my desktop pc and a Belkin wireless USB adapter connected to the laptop, I have installed this adapter and last night I could gain access to the net on it, but today it cannot display any webpages and the green light on the dongle has stopped flashing?

I my network places on my desktop pc, I have the router and the folders I choose to share across the network, when trying to open the router through this folder, I get a message saying this device is not on the network, but surley the router is on the network? Also, I can't see the laptop through my network places on the desktop pc, both machines connect through the same router?

Hope someone can help?

Thanks, Mat.

my daughters boyfriend uses a Belkin wireless USB adapter when he comes to vist us and logs on to our network. he finds he has to plug the adapter in first then boot up else his lattop can't see the adapter. when this happens he shuts down inserts the adapter and reboots usually solves problem.

  Rhuddlan 10:59 25 Feb 2007

Cheers worked a treat!

Can anyone help with my other question regarding computers on my network?

  Batch 11:25 25 Feb 2007

If you are trying to see the router as part of Microsoft Windows Network (i.e Entire Network -> Microsoft Windows Network), I wouldn't expect you to be able to see it as it isn't part of the Microsoft Windows Network, only your PCs running Windows (or something compatible) would be seen. The router is working at a lower level is the communications - as are the network cards in your PCs, which Windows on your PCs givves you access to.

You normally access routers via its IP address in your web browser (e.g. click here ). You should also be able to ping the router from a cmoonad prompt (Start Menu -> Run -> CMD and then ping (or whatever the routers IP address is).

As far as not being able to see the laptop, this may be a firewall issue. What firewall, if any are you using on the PCs?

  aine 15:57 25 Feb 2007

your adapter needs connecting with an Ethernet cable to the router.,it then needs given the same information as the router. disconnect the adaptor and plug it into the electrics in between the router and the pc you are using it for

  Rhuddlan 16:03 25 Feb 2007

Aine, not sure what you mean about plugging it into the electrics? There is nothing between my router and laptop, it's wireless. I have no other connections on my router so I can't connect an Ethernet cable to it or to the laptop.

I have looked around the router's configuration page in ie, but this is all in german, so I can't understand most of it.

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