network probs............still(!)

  monkon2 16:09 13 Feb 2004

i have just staretd setting up a network at home using a crossover cable between 2 pc's. everything seemd to be going fine, ping tests went fine, etc etc, however, what i cant seem to do is access the other computer and my machine and vice versa. despite the ping test working fine, i cant seem to 'see' the other machine. the second machine seems to recognise a shared broadband connection but wont let me acces the internet

what am i doing wrong?

cheers in advance

  recap 16:26 13 Feb 2004

Set up a shared folder on either of your computers and see if that does it?

  mgmcc 16:28 13 Feb 2004

Have you got Internet Connection Sharing set up correctly - ICS enabled on the internet connection, "Host" PC using a fixed IP address of with subnet of and "client" PC getting its IP address and DNS addresses automatically from the "Host" PC?

Any Firewall software needs to be configured to allow the IP addresses of the networked PCs to have the necessary access.

If your 'pings' are OK and the firewall is allowing access, each PC should be able to use Windows' Search facility to find the other PC, either by name or by IP address.

  gaz800 17:42 13 Feb 2004

Try sharing a folder as suggested. Then used find computers on the other machine to search for the Ip address of the machine with the share.

  monkon2 19:23 13 Feb 2004

thabnks all,

the only problem was the guy setting it up, me!

missed out a whole section in the tutorial i was about a loose nut on the keyboard!.......all working fine now, thanks for suggestions though

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