Network problems Win98 to XP Pro

  Indigo 1 15:55 04 Jun 2005

I am having huge problems connecting a old PC running W98 to a PC running XP Pro SP2.

I have installed the card in the 98 PC, linked it to the XP PC, and installed the drivers in the 98.

I ran Network Setup Wiz on the XP PC then made a floppy and stuck it into the 98 PC, it goes through the motions and announces 'Congratulations, you has successfully setup a home network blah blah blah'. It then says it needs to restart so I click OK and it re-starts, then the problems begin.

The 98 PC asks for the 98 CD, but when I put it in and click OK it says it can't find the following files;

protman.dos,choosusr.dll,msshrui.dll, ndishlp.sys, vserver.vxd, mapi32.dll, msab32.dll, msnp32.dll, msnet32.dll, mspp32.dll, pmspl.dll, rplcltc1.dll, vlb32.dll, winpopup.cnt, imscript.exe, imscript.pif, net.exe, net.msg, neth.msg, winpopup.exe, winpopup.hlp, dfs.vxd, filesec.vxd, mssp.vxd, vnetstup.vxd, vredir.vxd.

Some of these I have managed to track down on the net and some I have extracted from the 98CD and stuck them in the Windows System folder and the Windows folder as necessary. But the list is still growing, each time I ry to re-configure the network I get a few more files to add to the list, it started with just two and has now grown to 26 ! Some of the ones I have downloaded are also on the list as is all the ones I have extracted from the disk.

I now have a message on Staus of the Network on the XP PC which says 'Limited or no connectivity', for a while it said that the network connection had been established at 100K. Where previously I had an icon in View Workgroup Computers folder for the 98 PC displaying it's identity, I now have nothing and cannot see anything regaring a connection to the XP PC in the Network Places on the 98 PC.

So whatever I have done has made things worse, any help please or a link to a site where I can start to make sense of this mess.

  selfbuild 17:16 04 Jun 2005

It might be worth installing 98 over the top of itself and seeing if that helps sort the mess out.... leaving the network cable in place of course.... worth a try....

  Indigo 1 17:30 04 Jun 2005

I am not familiar with W98 and don't know how to install it over itself (or even that you could).

Does it leave all other files intact ?

It's not my PC and before I totally lose all info on it I would like to back it up to mine,, hence the lousy attempt at networking it.

  selfbuild 18:43 04 Jun 2005

Yes it will leave all the other files intact.... Just run setup like you would normally.... as long as you don't format the drive before hand, all data will remain intact.... even modem drivers, display drivers, printer drivers etc...

  selfbuild 18:44 04 Jun 2005

Should of said as long as you don't run Fdisk, repartition the hard drive or format it everything will be safe....

  Indigo 1 19:33 04 Jun 2005

I have managed to get a bit further since my last posting (still scared of re-installing 98).

The XP PC shows the following fault;
Connection Status

Limited or no connectivity

You might not be able to access the Internet or some network rescources. This problem ocurred because the network did not assign a network address to the computer.

Details button (is no help)

Repair button, when clicked shows;

Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following cannot be completed:

Renewing your IP address

What does this mean ?

Is it the address of this PC on the network or the internet ?

  selfbuild 20:24 04 Jun 2005

One way to find out is to open the command box and type ipconfig /all on the XP PC....

To check the ip address on the 98 PC open the MSDOS prompt window and type winipcfg /all.

Both should give you details of the ip address, subnet mask and default gateway on each machine.

  Indigo 1 21:59 04 Jun 2005

Cheers for that, but what would I do with that info ?

I've given up on it for now and just tried to connect my old PC (Athlon XP Prpo) to the network to prove it works but failed miserably with that one too, floppy problems !!!!!!!!!

One thing after another.

  selfbuild 22:57 04 Jun 2005

The info on the XP machine will tell you the ip address of that PC, the subnet mask and the default gateway (the internet).....

The info on the 98 machine should have a similar ip address to the XP PC ((the last digit should be different)for example: on XP ; on 98), have the same subnet mask as the XP PC but the default gateway should be the ip address of the XP PC.... ie

Hope that makes some sort of sence.....

  Indigo 1 12:38 05 Jun 2005

So if they are not the same apart from 1 number, I should be able to change it, right ? and then I should be able to ping each one from the other ??

I will leave it for today and get back to it when I feel better (nasty cold or flu at the moment, sniff).

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