Network problems after router installed

  Alf58 14:44 23 Jul 2005

I just installed a Belkin ADSL modem with wireless router and after hassle got it connected to the net. My daughters computer (connected via network cable) is now not able to connect to the network but is able to access the internet. Her machine is WIN xp Home edition. Before router it connected happily via an ethernet hub. I thought the Belkin Router was supposed to assign net addresses automatically. How can I get my daughters machine to network as it did before? By the way my machine can 'see' my daughters machine in network places but cannot access any files etc. My daughters machines "my network places" label has vanished and although the LAN is connected at 100mbs no computers appear when I access my network places via the control panel.

  retep888 15:27 23 Jul 2005

What firewalls are you running on both pcs,if you're running Zonealarm,both internet zone security has to be set to medium.

You have to run home network wizard again,make sure different names but same workgroup.


  Alf58 15:42 23 Jul 2005

I'm not using Zone Alarm just the native Microsoft firewall. Didnt realise I had to rename the computers.Why is this?

  retep888 16:07 23 Jul 2005

It only controls the incoming traffic but doesn't do anything to the outgoing ones,you can download the free version from here click here

You've been using a hub,that means you'er using ICS and your main pc being a gateway but now you're using a router which acts as a gateway and both your pcs're connecting to internet thru' it,settings were changed particularly the IP address,I would advise you to re-run the home network wizard,you don't have to rename them if they're different already.

  Alf58 18:17 23 Jul 2005

I have already run the home network setup wizard on both machines. All that happens is that The Xp pro machine can see itself and and the other machine just like before the router but it cannot access the other machine you just get a long hour glass and an error message. The xp Home machine has no icons at all and the "my network places" label has vanished from the start menu. If you go to my network places via the control panel the network places window is empty. I thought the router was supposed to assign IP addresses automatically. I guess I need to put aside a couple of hours to contact the Belkin tech support 100 minutes wait and 20 minute conversation.

  retep888 20:06 23 Jul 2005

On your daughter's laptop,if you right click start> properties > customise > advance > scroll down to Network Places and tick the box > ok,the icon should reappear in the start menu again.

Yes,the router will assign IP addresses automatically.What I meant was when you used ICS,your main pc was given the IP address of,now when you use Belkin router,it will be given IP address of,and your pcs will be given IP address from onwards.

You don't need networking to share internet but you do when you want to share files & printers.

The default workgroup name for XP home edition is MSHOME and WORKGROUP for XP Pro,you have to change them both to MSHOME or WORKGROUP,or whatever you like when running the wizard.

Can you ping XP pro from XP home?


  Alf58 10:46 24 Jul 2005

Not sure how you "ping". I always use Workgroup as the name of network. I have just remembered Norton security suite is installed on the Xp home edition machine. I thought this was meant to make exceptions?

  Alf58 14:50 24 Jul 2005

I disabled Norton on my daughter's Win Xp home machine and having run network set up on both machines her machine can now "see" my machine: this has enabled her to access shared documents and print on the printer attached to my machine. However, in my network places my machine cannot "see" hers: I just get the icon for my own machine. Errr help?

  retep888 23:00 24 Jul 2005

On each pc,from start menu click run,type cmd >ok,a black box will come up with white words,then type ipconfig /all at the flashing cursor.(note the space between g&/)

This will give you all details of windows ip configuration,note down each pc's ip address,and start pinging.

At the bottem of the same black box,at the flashing cursor,type ping 192.168.2.x(other pc's ip address,note the space after ping)and see if you can get a reply,if you get time out error messages,the other pc's firewall probably still blocking you.

After you ran the wizard,did you turn your daughter's pc's firewall back on?If you did,it may be one of the reasons why you can't see hers.

You have to put your pc's ip address on Norton's trusted zone in order to communicate,a lot of this forum's members recommended zonealarm,it's worth a try,you need firewall on each pc anyway.


  Alf58 00:41 25 Jul 2005

Thanks for all your suggestions retep. Making Norton trust the Routers IP address has done the trick. "set up in 10 minutes" in my case more like 10 hours!

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