Network problems

  Donny Brasco 21:51 10 May 2003

I've connected my computer to my sons with an ethernet cable and want him to piggy back of our broadband connection. He is using W98 and we were using ME and to make the connection was used by transfering the essentials by floppy. now were on W2K and he's still on W98 and i cant get them to see each other as W2K doesn't help with the floppy disk option.

  LastChip 22:02 10 May 2003

I am assuming you have connected these two machines direct to each other.

Did you use a "Crossover Cable"?

  LastChip 22:28 10 May 2003

The whole point of posting here, is many people can see what the problem is, and may be able to offer a solution.

Via e-mail to me; "Our internet is connected via ethernet to the W2K from that I have a USB to ethernet connector which goes direct to my sons. both computers are using NIC's connected to each other. Don't know what a crossover is....."

I am afraid I find this confusing.

You have to understand, the network part of the problem, and the internet part, are separate, although, related.

We need to deal with the network first. If the network does not work correctly, you are wasting your time trying to share the internet.

So, am I right in saying, you have connected the two machines together, with a network card in each computer and a cable connecting the two network cards (NIC's)? Or have you done something different?

If that is correct, the type of cable you should have used is a crossover cable (as against a straight through - patch cable). In simple terms, two of the wires are interchanged on one of the connectors. This enables data OUT from one end, to go to the INPUT, the other end and visa versa.

  Donny Brasco 09:08 11 May 2003

They are connected together through network cards and as I said in the first thread it worked fine when I was on Win ME so it must be a crossover cable. The only thing that has changed is our OS.

  LastChip 12:44 11 May 2003

On your Win2K machine, it is likely the inbuilt security settings are causing your problem. As this is a home network, I am assuming security is not a problem to you, and so offering the following.

Go into Control Panel; Administrative Tools; Computer Management; Local Users and Groups; and open "Users". In the right hand side, check and see if you have any red crosses (x) particularly for Guests. If you have, Right Click, and select Properties.

Under the General tab, De-select, "Account is disabled" and make sure "Password never expires" is ticked. Click OK.

Now back to Local Users and Groups, and check the same thing in "Groups".

Please see if this solves your network communication problem and let us know.

  Donny Brasco 15:12 11 May 2003

There was a cross in the guest which i de-selected. My sons computer also appeared in the list but had no crosses there. when i try to get more properties from his computer through the computers near me icon in network neighbourhood it responds by saying "the server could not be found" ?? also in the network icon it shows that i've got 2 LAN's one from the telephone line to my NIC and i from my USB to my sons NIC, all have no IP address but DHCP active.

  LastChip 15:41 11 May 2003

1. Each computer has it's own name.

2. Both computers are on the same network name (by default Workgroup)

3. Each machine has at least one drive or folder selected to share.

4. At this moment in time, you are NOT running a Firewall.

  Donny Brasco 16:23 11 May 2003

yes each has its own name
yes both are on workgroup
no folder to share
using zone alarm on the main system.

I can see my sons but cant access it
he can only see his own.

  LastChip 16:40 11 May 2003

For the moment, close down Zone Alarm. This is only a temporary measure, until the network is working properly. Firewalls have a habit of blocking networks, and you need to eliminate that from the equation.

You need at least one file or drive shared on each machine, otherwise, the network has nothing to search for. Make sure you set-up a file or drive to share on each machine.

  Donny Brasco 18:02 11 May 2003

OK we can see each other now and we have a shared folder for each PC. Still no internet connectivity tho'
On 2K it shows that i have 2 LANs as previously mentioned.

  LastChip 18:37 11 May 2003

My understanding is, your network is now working correctly. Not only should you be able to see each others file, but you should also be able to access it from the opposing computer, Is that correct?

Can you access the Internet from the machine that is directly connected to the modem?

Before you changed operating systems, how did you share the internet connection? Was it via Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)?

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