Network problems

  Cypdevil 16:21 08 Feb 2014

4 computers, named Brian-Main, weather, video and Brian2 all Ethernetted to a router as well as an Ethernet laser printer.

Brian-main has 2 Ethernet connections, the other going to a broadband modem. In addition, weather has a wi-fi connection to the same modem.

Brian 2 has a USB connection to an Ink-jet printer.

From computers Brian-Main and Weather, I can access the Internet and each other partially.

I cannot set up the network through the router (separate card in Brian-Main).

I had no difficulty when the network was essentially XP 'puters, but since investing in Win7, am totally flummoxed.

What I want to do is to be able to access any file in any computer, from any other computer. I also need to print to both printers from any computer (Laser is connected by Ethernet to the router, Ink-jet by USB to Brian2). Access to the Internet for computers other than Brian-Main can be done by a bridge between the two networks.

All computers have anti-malware protection.

On Brian-main, the Internet connection is labelled Local Area Connection, the one going to the router is Local Area Connection 2 but is an Unidentified Network and classed as a Public Network. I cannot change it from a Public Network to either Home- or Work Network.

Can any kind person point me in the right direction, please?

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