network problem

  Liza 14:08 24 Jun 2003

network disaster
I have two computers: desktop and laptop. My desktop has 2 document folders sharedocus and mydocuments and these can be seen/used on the laptop. I was using the laptop and in error deleted my files in one of the folders all hell broke loose,lost all my letter files. I tried to get them back by Restore, absolutely hopeless on desktop which operates on ME, it cannot get back the files because it restarts quarter way through for each checkpoint I supplied. As for laptop which operates on XP, Restore goes through allright but doesnt do anything files dont come back. Any help please. Thanks

  Bramblerose 14:27 24 Jun 2003

But have you looked in the recycle bin on your laptop?

  Liza 15:36 24 Jun 2003

Yes, had a look in recycle bin and restored everything in there but nothing happened, none of my files came back.

  Jut 23:25 24 Jun 2003

I have a program called Restoration which is supposed to restore files although I've never used it. It's free from click here
about 200k

  hellred 22:13 27 Jun 2003

You need a File Undeleter Software and i hope you have done no work on the PC since or else it has overwritten the deleted files !!

  Liza 00:17 30 Jun 2003

Hello Jut
Thanks for the copy file. Sorry it didn't work.

  Liza 00:21 30 Jun 2003

Hello Hellred
Thanks for your help. Yes I have since done some work so suppose I myself have again deleted my files. Liza

  Liza 20:04 30 Jun 2003

Sorry Hellred, I didn't answer your question properly. It is a network problem because I shared my my document files in main computer with laptop computer. I did not copy the files before I applied the sharing. I was having trouble getting the network to start so changed the main computer ID access name many times resulting in several my documents but with different main computer names on my laptop network; so what I stupidly did was erase one of those my documents files. When I tried to get my files on the main computer which was not shared there were no files, not even in the several repeated files in laptop. Liza

  eccomputers 21:51 30 Jun 2003

silly question, but have you done a search in the c drive for any of the file names?

  Liza 15:35 01 Jul 2003

No, I've not but I'll do so right away. Thanks eccomputers. Liza

  recap 16:31 01 Jul 2003

If you have users configured on the main PC then they may be held on their. Right click the Start button and see if there is listed "Open all users" if so the folder/s may be in their.

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