Network Problem

  Squirrel1 10:04 23 Jan 2008

I had my notebook computer networked to my desktop computer, in our small office, via a network switch and BT router so the internet could be shared between several machines. My notebook was wirelessly networked to my desktop, untill I changed the AV software. Both machines are running Norton now. Now I cannot move or share any files on either machine.
I am running a program call synergy which allows two pcs to share one mouse and keyboard. This is working fine, so the computers must be networked.
What I want to do is to move files from on computer to the other and shre the use of the printer connected to the desktop machine.
Any suggestions....

  MAJ 10:07 23 Jan 2008

Chances are that Norton is blocking the transfer. Go into it's firewall settings and allow the IP address of each PC on the network.

If that dosn't work, let us know what error message you get when trying to share files.

  Squirrel1 10:14 23 Jan 2008

I did suspect the firewall.
But an error message saying that I did not have administrative rights to access.

  MAJ 10:29 23 Jan 2008

Yup, that'll be the firewall doing that, Squirrel1.

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