xptosmtbd 17:29 14 Jun 2004

Hi, I have bought a new laptop and have connected it to my home network. It works ok until I switch it off. Then when I start up again it connect to the network and I have to run the wizard everytime?....I am using xp home on both machines, the laptop is the 2nd. machine. Has anybody any ideas what I can do so that I don't have to run the wizard everytime....

  vinnyo123 19:42 14 Jun 2004

what is your topology of LAN?

Did you join laptop to workgroup and give it a unique name ?

Is it getting an IP from a DHCP or is it static?

What IP is it getting after start-up?

  xptosmtbd 20:06 14 Jun 2004

Hi, Thanks for your answer, I have now resolved the problem..

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