Bonzy 11:48 22 Oct 2004

Hello friends, I have a problem with my network printing, please help.
My Canon-810 printer was attached to a Win98 pc, a standalone and all was fine. 2 new pcs were bought running WinXP so all 3 pcs were connected into a small network. The other pc has its own printer; it's working fine. The canon printer was removed from the Win98 machine and attached to the 2nd XP pc. All the sharing etc was done and the new network was fine. The only problem is this, that the Win98 pc cannot print to the Canon-810 printer attached to 1st XP pc, but can print to the HP printer attached to the second XP pc. I made the Canon printer( both printers have been installed on the Win98 pc)on the Win98 pc the default and sent a test page to print, but it didn't print. Why can the Win98 pc print to the Hp printer and not on the Canon printer when they're both attached to XP machines? The printer cables are USB cables, not parrarel cables. Please help.

  hillybilly 13:32 22 Oct 2004

Go into your printer folder and check whether the cannon is set up to run on a local port, if so then it's probably easiest for you to click on "Add new printer" and follow the instructions remembering that it it not a local printer, but a network printer.

  Bonzy 15:47 22 Oct 2004

I checked that this afternoon and found to my suprise that it is infact set to print to the shared printer(Cannon) in the UNC format!

  hillybilly 16:01 22 Oct 2004

Yes it might be shared, but I think it is sending it to the wrong port or address! That's why I said to reinstall as a network printer. As you do the insatllation it will show you where it is and automatically put the port or address in for you.

  Bonzy 10:59 23 Oct 2004

Thanks a million, hillybilly. I'll do that and come back to you soonest.
I tried printing again from the Win98 pc to the same cannon printer attached to the XP Laptop yesterday after setting the cannon as default on the Win98 pc. Still print failure, but an error message appeared on the Win98 pc as ff:
There was a printer diagram on the top left corner of the screen with a white cross in a red circle. To the right of this diagram was written in brackets - (Check printer/cable); then below was the ff:
Check the following:
Is the printer turned on?
Is the printer cable connected?
Doest the printer cable support bi-directional communications?
It's YES to the first two questions. But as I hinted earlier on, the printer cable is a USB cable. Is there any question of a USB cable being bi-directional or not?
Thanks in advance.

  Bonzy 08:49 04 Nov 2004

Thanx, hillybilly. Your idea worked! I just reinstalled the network printer on the win98 pc and it worked. Sorry, I've failed to get back to you till now. I appreciate your help. Thanx again.

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