Network path not found

  griffo 11:19 23 Nov 2008

I have been running a home network (wired & wireless) within a Workgroup, for ages. Have recently had to replace one PC (all XP's). Having added it to the workgroup, I have found that it's visibility on the network has been intermittent, sometimes needing a reboot to se & be seen.

Today, it can see my laptop but my laptop can't see it (new desktop PC). Neither shows anything when I click on 'view workgroup computers' (laptop says 'network path cannot be found')

Can anyone help please?

  mgmcc 12:12 23 Nov 2008

What sort of firewall software are you running? A new PC might be allocated a different IP address by the router which you haven't allowed for in the firewall's "trusted" section. With third-party firewall software, it is usually preferable to enter the "Subnet" address rather than individual IP addresses.

  griffo 13:50 23 Nov 2008

thanks for the reply. I have disabled windows firewall, as I use Kaspersky 7.

  mgmcc 13:58 23 Nov 2008

I'm not familiar with Kaspersky but have you configured it to allow access to all addresses in the Subnet (the IP address range)?

If the Router's IP address is then the "Subnet" address is which will allow access to all addresses from to although some firewalls (McAfee for example) use instead the broadcast address of to allow access to the full subnet.

  griffo 14:58 23 Nov 2008

I'm not sure how I do this?

  griffo 15:19 23 Nov 2008

I don't think it's Kaspersky causing this, as I have tried switching it off and I still cannot communicate from my laptop to the new PC.

This is a real headache!

  griffo 15:34 23 Nov 2008

It's back on again now - no idea what (if anything) I did. This has been a feature of this new PC - one minute it's visible on the network, then not!

I will not mark this thread as resolved, as I suspect it may happen again.

thanks for the help so far - would still welcome any suggestions on what I should check to make this more stable?

  mgmcc 16:28 23 Nov 2008

With all computers in your network running, open "My Network Places", wait for about 15 minutes and then "refresh" the page (press F5) and see if all computers are then displayed.

  recap 16:29 23 Nov 2008

A nice little tool you could use is 'The Dude' this shows you what is connected and all their MAC and IP addresses. Using this could show you what the IP address is of the new PC at a click of a button. If you click here you can download The Dude, you may get an error message from Kaspersky warning you this program may be a virus. I use Kaspersky and received a message like this, it is safe to ignore the message.

  griffo 17:58 23 Nov 2008

thanks to both for the latest replies, will try each suggestion.

If 'new PC' goes AWOL again, I'll be back.


  griffo 10:33 28 Nov 2008

It's happening again! 'New PC' is seeing the other PC's but is not being seen. This is so frustrating, has anyone got any suggestions please?

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