Network or broadband - set up which first?

  EmptyJay 15:14 07 Nov 2004

Advice please! We'll soon have access to adsl at home, and will want to set up a wireless network for our 3 pc's. Would I be better setting up the network before the broadband becomes available so I know it's working ok, and then when broadband comes along set this up then? Just the thought of trying to make everything work at the same time sound a bit daunting! Thanks:-)

  Diemmess 16:14 07 Nov 2004

I'm interested, rather than able to give advice, but I think you have said it!

Networking can be tricky, but I can't see why you should add to the problems by installing BB, until you are happy with your network and ready for BB.

Doubtless some sage will tut-tut and advise the opposite, then we will both have learned something!

  fly2hi 17:06 07 Nov 2004

If you already know what sort of setup you want, e'g. wireless modem/router, then you may as well set it up now and configure your home network. you can use the router to access your current connection from the other p'cs (although I must say I had problems doing this, but learnt a lot of useful stuff in the process). I wasn't able to plug the supplied ADSL modem into the router and use it that way, so you'll need to connect through the router/lan- main pc-modem. Still don't know if that would have been possible with the gear I had, just wouldn't work.You will be able to share files with your other pc's though. When your BB is enabled you can then just plug your router into the phone line and set the network up for broadband. The easiest way would be to wait for BB but if I had to do it all again I would still mess about trying to do it the other way. You will be a lot wiser for it. That's providing you have time on your hands and a lot of patience. Someone else will no doubt explain it more clearly, this is just my 2p's worth.

  EmptyJay 19:23 07 Nov 2004

Diemmess & fly2hi. Thanks both of you. Sometimes if you're not sure how best to tackle something it's good to have 2nd opinions. I'm going to crack-on and setup the network now then at least when the broadband doesn't work later (!!), hopefully I'll have sorted the expected network problems already!

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