network operating systems

  harps1h 14:38 26 Apr 2005

couls anyone recommmend a good system or direct me to a site. does server 2003 do the job?

this is assignment work so all would be gratefully received

  TomJerry 15:03 26 Apr 2005

boot from network? most version of Wins will do

network capabity? most version of wins will do

OS for a server? MS Server 2003, MS Server datacenter, Netware, Linux, SunOS, XP Pro with tweaking, etc etc

  TomJerry 15:08 26 Apr 2005

Abbreviated as NOS, an operating system that includes special functions for connecting computers and devices into a local-area network (LAN). Some operating systems, such as UNIX and the Mac OS, have networking functions built in. The term network operating system, however, is generally reserved for software that enhances a basic operating system by adding networking features. Novell Netware, Artisoft's LANtastic, Microsoft Windows Server, and Windows NT are examples of an NOS.

  harps1h 15:14 26 Apr 2005

the statement is as follows

"an explanation and comparison of the additional functions a network or a mainframe OS needs to perform"

  recap 16:26 26 Apr 2005

A comparison against what?

  harps1h 16:50 26 Apr 2005

any standard OS such as XP

  harps1h 21:27 26 Apr 2005


  sirhc 22:25 26 Apr 2005

what course is this..sounds like HNC orHND

is question what makes Server 2000/2003 different
from a workstation/client system like 2000 pro / xp....

Remember NOS systems can be Unix systems like
Netware or Linux systems like Redhat...

  harps1h 00:03 27 Apr 2005

it's an hnc first year which i am doing at night. i would ideally like to compare xp with server 2003 really as i have next to no experience of linux except with a dabble in knoppix which runs from a cd.

not enough in there to benefit me so i decided to look closer @ server 2003

  wiz-king 07:15 27 Apr 2005

Think about what is wanted ( mulpiple printers, internet connections, shared documents and so on) and how the devices are connected(ethernet, wireless, optical fibre etc). How data is pooled, shared or kept separately. (security, passwords etc).

"an explanation and comparison of the ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS a network or a mainframe OS NEEDS TO PERFORM" You are not being asked to compare OS's but to make a list of the diffenences eg spool printing to multiple printers from lots of users and allocate a priority allocating system.

  recap 08:35 27 Apr 2005

In addition to wiz-king post above, you could also mention the added security of W2003 Server over XP. Other function the server provides are: DHCP, DNS, Terminal Services etc.

These may help? click here

click here

Good luck with your course.

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