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  Captain Caveman 08:56 21 Feb 2003

Hoping someone can shed some light on this...

I have a home network of PCs running Win 98, Me and XP, the problem I have is with ME (that's Millenium Edition, not me personnally!) where I have access to other PCs on the network, but the connected PCs aren't consistently shown in My Network Places... sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't!

It's confusing the hell out of me... anyone else had this problem?

More recently I've added a wirelessly connected laptop running XP which conversely shows the connected PCs but trying to connect to them it says they're not accessible! So this time at least I can see the connected PCs, but I'd prefer to be able to connect to them!

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  jazzypop 10:17 21 Feb 2003

PCs not showing up in ME's My Network Places is a widely-experienced 'bug'. The solution is to map a drive on the ME PC to the XP PC(s). For some reason, ME seems to have problems (on some installations) with browsing of My Network Places.

See the detailed discussion at click here

I suspect the problem with the laptop may be firewall-related. If it can see them, but is denied access, that is the most common cause.

If the suggestions above do not help, can you clarify whether you are using XP Home or Pro?

  Captain Caveman 11:11 21 Feb 2003

I've tried to keep things as simple as possible while I'm trying to set up the network. I've kept the two systems running only the OS, XP Pro, while I try to get things sorted. They're linked by wireless router. One PC still has Win ME on until I'm happy my network is running okay on XP.

Right... it seems the problem with the laptop connecting with the other PCs was due to the firewalls denying access, cheers for that.

I have one hardwired PC (Ethernet) which has both Win ME and XP Pro on (I'm trying out XP before upgrading other machines with it) that, when in ME has network access to other networked PCs (running ME and 98) only with the 'connected PCs not appearing in My Network Places (unless specifically searched for)' problem mentioned above, but when I boot up in XP only detects itself, it doesn't find the other connected PCs even when I search for them by computer name. Any ideas?

Just gonna try and work my way through the discussion thread link above.

Incidentally, Jazzypop, you seem to be a bit of a frequent flyer in this helproom. Are you a Samaritan?!

PS Wireless home networked Internet access is quality! Love it! Got some radio wireless headphones too. They're pretty cool too. Oh baby, baby it's a wireless world! (apologies to Cat Stevens or whoever did the original)

  jazzypop 11:37 21 Feb 2003

Way too many variations - I'm almost completely baffled by your description of your network :)

You're only running XP while you sort the network out, but the hardwired PC cannot see the other ME and 98 PCs? Help!

Anyway, here's another suggestion - are all your PCs running only TCP/IP as their network protocol? That's the default for XP, and all that is required for W98, ME, W2K etc, but a default setup of W98 and ME will install all sorts of other useless protocols such as Netbui. If the older PCs are not running TCP/IP, the XP PC will not be able to communicate with them.

See click here for a useful checklist (item 8 deals with network protocols). Don't be put off by the title of the site - it is a very useful and detailed guide.

And sadly, I can recall that it was Yusuf Islam (ex-Cat Stevens) :)

  Captain Caveman 12:46 21 Feb 2003

It never ceases to amaze me how you can spend ages trying to fix something, someone suggests something (usually something incredibly simple) and all of a sudden everything seems to work again without you having changed much at all!

I think the firewalls must have been the root of all my problems. Cheers Jazzy P

Are you actually anything to do with the magazine, or just somebody with a lot of spare time on their hands?! I seem to see your name in the helproom a fair bit.

  jazzypop 14:53 21 Feb 2003

I'm absolutely nothing to do with the magazine :)

I have had some enforced spare time on my hands for the last few months, following an injury at work. Hopefully, you won't see me nearly as much within a few weeks, when I get back to the real world, as well as this virtual one :)

  Captain Caveman 15:07 21 Feb 2003

Good luck back in the real world and thanks for the help (especially following my best possible attempt to confuse you with my network setup!)

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